Monday, February 1, 2010

Tharon'ja is a Turtle... THARON'JA IS A TURTLE!!

You heard it here first, and right from the turtle - I mean, the Prophet's - lips. Tharon'ja is, in fact, a turtle. Perhaps related to Speedy, or maybe even Mr. Turtle. We may never be certain.

So, as you've probably guessed by now, we ran Drak'Tharon Keep a couple of times over the weekend. We also took a trip through Gun'drak, Halls of Lightning, and Halls of Stone, all on normal difficulty, in hopes of scoring some gear upgrades for D's friend. While we did get a piece or two of rogue-ish loot, most of what dropped was some type of spellpower gear.

Meanwhile, I've managed to get Mal her Dragonhawk flyer, and WOW is it gorgeous. It'll definitely do until I drop all the necessary cash to boost her number of mounts over 100 for the Red Dragonhawk.

Or should I say, IF I drop the cash. There's so much else I need worse. Hawli never even got epic flying, for god's sake. And Tehrawr's gear is pretty much atrocious. I could definitely spend some time in the AH helping her out.

In other, and completely unrelated news, I've officially abandoned Affliction. Yeah, I know, who saw that coming? Not I. But truth be told, the playstyle is ever so much more fun with Destruction, and my damage is considerably higher as well. Not even just during questing and trash-pulls, either, I mean it's better ALWAYS. And yeah, that was a total surprise to me.

I rather miss Bheelum, my felhound. But I've a had a good time re-connecting with Gaknam the imp, so I guess that's a wash. My only confusion at this point stems from whether to replace those haste gems and chants with crit. I probably should, but I haven't seen a definitive answer yet, so I guess I'll hold off. Anyone have a good flow chart, Nibuca-style, on the amount of haste vs. crit to stack as Destruction?