Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Griefing: ur doin it wrong

So my hubby's newest toon is a Paladin. He's almost always played a healing class, and so Pally was the only logical choice left for him (after Shaman, Priest, and Druid).


I look up. "What?"

"That $%^&* just trained a ton of mobs onto me."

We've been having that problem, lately. It seems that paladins have this AoE aggro-generating ability, Consecration. The Alliance, having had access to the paladin class since release, are well aware of this. Those of us who've never leveled an Alliance toon past 26 (ahem) are clueless.

Apparently, an Alliance player noticed my sweetie fighting in Dustwallow. The Allie checked out D's class and watched long enough to get a feel for D's style - pulling two or three at a time. Our "friend" rounded up several mobs, waited until D fired off Consecration, and then ran over D's AoE. OMFG, instant 6-pull. Luckily I had my hunter questing just a few yards away, and we survived the onslaught.

These kinds of experiences really bum my honey out. He's one of those players who will step in and help dps an elite for you, even if you're of the opposite faction. He runs around dropping buffs on everyone he passes in Orgrimmar, and will ALWAYS thank you for the buffs you drop on him. He will also nudge me and clear his throat loudly until I thank you for mine, as well. /hugs

As I like to remind him, it's not called "World of Friendcraft," but is he really expecting too much? On a PvE server? Battling the enemy is one thing, but why do some players seek enjoyment by ruining the experiences of others? Yeah, sometimes other players tick us off, either by their incompetence or deliberate asshattery. But not everyone (ahem) is in it for the sole purpose of making your life miserable. Only the warlocks. And they can't help it.

/target Your Mob
/target You

So we continue on, working our way towards the Grimtotem camp at the northern end of the zone. D needs notes off of Elders. We get there, and a dwarf has pretty much obliterated the camp. Only one lonely Elder remains, and that one is evade-bugged.

D sighs. I commented about the ******* dwarf who was killing all our mobs, and D reminded me that he probably had a similar quest. An Elder spawns in a tent, and D snagged it. The dwarf ran up to where they were fighting, and I had a moment to think, "oh boy," and then the dwarf helped D finish the mob off. Another popped behind the dwarf, D tagged, and again, the dwarf helped him dps it down. Our new little friend disappeared over a hill briefly, only to re-emerge with an Elder hot on his heels. Must have been prox-aggro'd because he's not gray to us - D mopped the floor with it. Four Elders - four quest drops - and we're done. D's Belf Pally turned and /bowed to the Dwarf, who sketched us a /wave before chugging away on those plump, little legs, leaving us each with a fresh sense of wonderment at Azeroth and her inhabitants.

"Stupid, dwarf," I say, "he didn't get credit for any of those kills."

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Capn John said...

A while ago my Gnome Warrior was in Feralas when I saw a Troll (can't remember the class) on the Robot Chicken Escort quest. The first group of Mobs had just spawned so I charged in and aggroed them all before they could hit the Chicken. The Troll started hitting the Mobs as well and I watched in horror as the Robot Chicken keep on walking. I was silently screaming at the Troll to run after the Chicken but my telepathic signals weren't being transmitted through the monitor. As the chicken disappeared from view I heard that ominous bell in my head and I knew he'd failed the quest.

He ran back into the cave and emerged not too much later, again with the Robot Chicken in tow. This time I stood back, waited until the chicken had been attacked and only then did I charge in and help. After killing the first group I followed the Troll all the way out to the coast, and helped him with each of the subsequent groups, until the Chicken squawked and ran off down the path and I knew the Troll had completed his quest. We bowed to each other and went our separate ways.

About an hour later I found myself in northern Feralas, fighting the Harpies and searching for four relics, when who should I run into? The very same Troll. But now he had a high level Guildie along with him. When I fought my way in to the first of the stone relics it must have been obvious what quest I was doing because the high level Hordie ran on ahead of me and slaughtered the Harpies close to the other three relics. With my quest complete I /bowed & /saluted them, mounted up and went on my way.

Sometimes we'll fight over quest mobs but that's just part of the World of WARcraft, but sometimes we'll work together and help each other out. Those are the times that really stand out in my mind and are the memories that I'll gladly take away from this game.