Sunday, May 11, 2008

It Came From the Blog

So D & I joined up with WoW Insider crew and their guild, It Came From the Blog, on Zangarmarsh-US Sunday for the Mother's Day event. Hilarity ensued.

Meet Mahmi, my event-specific toon and new Zangarmarsh bank alt.

That is, if I could afford to mail stuff to a bank alt, yet. I'd forgotten how difficult it is to be starting fresh on a new server without any resources at one's disposal.

After gathering in the Orc starting zone, Valley of Trials, we formed an inspired chorus line

and then /trained our way to the Crossroads for some naked fist-fight dueling and awesomely corny "ur mom" Barrens Chat.

A random Undead character was shocked to find us "stalking" him on the Gold Road.

Afterwards, we demonstrated just WHY Mom always told you to wait an hour after eating before going swimming. D and I had a fabulous time, and everyone involved in the event was amazing. Thanks so much for ride, ICFtB!!

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