Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dual Spec Poll, Part 2

In the first post about dual specs I asked how you'd be using that alternate set up. Enough people responded with 'tanking' or 'healing' that the next question is apparent: in light of Blizzard's announcement that dual specs will only be available at level 80, do we really think that's wise?

I thought the coolest aspect of dual speccing would be that potential tanks and healers could be learning and practicing those skills while leveling, without having to lose that efficient leveling spec everyone seems to go for. If that's not the case, aren't we being condemned to just another generation of fresh 80s who think they can simply jump into a new party role and perform well?

Spec and gear will only take you so far - and talent isn't the same thing as 'talent points.' During the leveling process is EXACTLY when we need access to dual specs. Having that ability only at the end of the journey robs us of the opportunity to arrive at 80 with skill, and not just gear.
Of course, if the rumored cost (500-1000g) is true, most leveling toons won't have the cash. We have plenty of sinks already in mounts, epic mounts, cold-weather flying, leveling professions, and pet-collecting that the cost of having two specs seems exorbitant.

More and more, the concept of dual specs seems to be designed as yet another way for affluent 80s to spend their gold, instead of promoting additional tanks and healers at all stages of the game. And that makes me sad.

Blizzard - this one is for you.

Nice Off-hand!

I wonder who dropped that?

I LOVE being married to a creative guy with a lot of time on his hands, lol. Screenshot courtesy of D, ladies and gentlemen!

You can Kiss the Cook, but don't MESS with the CHEF!

It's about damn time. You know, I've complained before about not being able to get my hands on the cake recipe, but that was NOTHING compared to how hard it was to come up with one, just ONE, Enormous Barbed Gill Trout. SHEEESH.

Guildie Tali came through for me - as she so often has - and finally it's mine! She refused to take the 50g I offered for it, even in light of what it turned out to mean for me, so I'm totally swearing out an IOU on her.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You have GOT to be kidding me

So I'm listening to TNB, (Hi Bre & Fym!!) digging into the News of the Week, and I hear that there's a change in the reported 3.1 upcoming changes.  Hunters will still have ammo, it seems.  However, Blizz stands by their assertion that they want to remove the necessity for quivers and ammo pouches, so now the arrows and bullets will stack to insane amounts in one bag slot.
Are they serious?  Have they not even considered the fact that Warlocks are carrying - in some cases - two full bags full of Soul Shards?!  What are our alternatives?  We can run light on shards in the hope that we'll be able to Drain trash during raids - at a significant loss in our already sub-standard trash dps.  We can forgo the abilities that require shards, I guess.  Hell, it's not like any of my pets are doing me any damn good anyway.  No, you cannot have a Healthstone.  L2pot, friend. 
Now, I'm not one to cry "NERF" whenever one class or another has an ability or class-specific boon that isn't available anywhere else.  I felt bad when BM Hunters got the bat, because, hey, I play one!  In fact, there are very few classes I DON'T play, and even among those, I have close friends who play those classes and I rely on them.  So it's not like I want Hunters to have it bad - I just don't want Warlocks to have it worse.
If you absolutely gotta nerf something, grab a Murloc.

Creamy Purple Filling - Upcoming Shadow Priest Changes with 3.1

Vonya, over at Egotistical, had a great post today on the upcoming Priest changes with Patch 3.1.  She left her comments off of the Shadow tree changes, so Prin thought she'd toss her 2 cents in. 
  • Shadowfiend now creates a shadowy fiend to attack the target. Caster receives 5% mana when the Shadowfiend attacks. Damage taken by area of effect attacks is reduced, and the Shadowfiend has a reduced chance to be hit by spells and melee attacks. Lasts 15 sec.  Didn't it always?  I distinctly remember having a little Shadowfiend that returned to mana to me.  Perhaps it's the 'Fiend's inherent defensive abilities that are the change.  Must look into this.


  • Dispersion (Tier 11) now clears all snare and movement impairing effects when cast, and makes you immune to them while dispersed.   Hmmm...  I can see this being useful in PvP, IF you have a partner to handle your foe while you're Dispersed.  Otherwise, you're gonna pop out of that purple wind tunnel right back into a world of hurt.  *snicker*  World of Hurtcraft.
  • Shadowform (Tier 7) now gives your Shadow Word: Pain, Devouring Plague, and Vampiric Touch spells the ability to critically hit.  WHOO HOOO!  That means I can REALLY stack on the crit now!  Wait - that means I NEED to stack on the crit, now.  Man... 
  • Darkness moved from Tier 6 to Tier 1.  What is it replacing in Tier 1?  Or is the Tier just expanding?  Need more info here to be able to comment.
  • Silence (Tier 5) range increased to 30 yards. (Previously was 20 yards)  Meh.
  • Vampiric Embrace (Tier 5) now lasts 5 mins. (Previously lasted 1 min)  Okay, so now I only cast it once on a boss, and never on trash anymore.  Still, that opens up a spare GCD for something else.  I'll approve it.
  • Spirit Tap (Tier 1) now increases mana regeneration while casting by 87%. (Previously 50%)  Drool.  With the upcoming Spirit changes, who wouldn't love even more MP5?  Since that's basically what this is. 
  • Improved Spirit Tap (Tier 1) increases mana regeneration while casting by 17/33%. (Previously 10/20%)  WOW - and even MORE.  Hells ya, I'm going back to asserting that all Priests need these talents.  Keeping them on Tier 1 keeps them in reach, regardless of spec, so I don't wanna hear any complaining about it!  Just take it!!  When joined by Meditation from the Disc tree, we're going to be just frothing over in Mana.  We're going to have to keep fresh clothes with us at all times, just to combat the puddle of mana we'll be perpetually sitting in.  It'll be like a portabled mana kiddie pool.  I'm bringing the water wings!
  • *New Talent* Improved Devouring Plague, Tier 6, 3 point talent - Increases the periodic damage done by your Devouring Plague by 5/10/15%, and when you cast Devouring Plague you instantly deal damage equal to 5/10/15% of its total periodic effect.  Translation:  DP becomes a damage-front-loaded DoT, and does more damage over time.  Why would you NOT want this?  I know Priests who aren't even using DP since it became trainable, out of habit, probably.  Time to break that habit, especially if you're of the Purple Persuasion. 
Concerning Vonya's comments on the State of Discipline, I have to say, I'm terribly enthused!!  Disc is certain to become my off-spec, and I've always invested my spare points there.  Trainable Divine Spirit is making me all kinds of bubbling over in joy, and having married a Disc Priest, my tanking DK is ever more thrilled to be healed by him. 
Thanks so much for the heads-up, Vonya!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Nubscar goes to....

T & D, for best impersonation of a Tank & Healer team, in Azjol Nerub!!
*An Undead couple rushes excitedly from the audience and up the stairs to the podium amid hearty applause.  The male grabs the trophy and waves it triumphantly over his head.  The female plants herself behind the mike.*
"I'd like to thank our friends and guildies:  Mesh, for popping so many different forms, and always just when we needed him to.  Tummy, for spending just as much time healing as he did dpsing.  Eak, what a Shammie, honestly - we couldn't have done it without those Poison-Cleansing Totems, buddy!
I'd also like to thank the developers at Blizzard... you know, you might have thought that they'd make those Presence buttons stand out a little better.  Or have some kind of warning when you die and resurrect that perhaps your Presence might have changed without your knowledge.  Or maybe - maybe your Presence should show on your buffs so that more alert party members might see, and notice...  I'm just saying.  A lot of work and effort goes into speccing, and gearing, and training, and practicing, and to have it ALL just washed away, in wipe after wipe after wipe, because you forgot to click one LITTLE FROSTY BLUE BUTTON FOR THE TANKING PRESENCE, I mean SERIOUSLY, IS THAT UTTER BULLSH*T OR WHAT?  AND THEN - "
*Music floods the auditorium, interrupting the rest of the acceptance-speech-turned-rant.  Gaudily-dressed Blood Elves enter from the wings to escort our winning couple out.*

Friday, February 20, 2009

Screenshot Meme

Jumping on the bandwagon: here it is!

My SS folders are by year, so here's the 6th file in 2009: Onyxia!

2008, 6th file: Mal hits Exalted with the Netherwing!

2007, 6th file: Some random guy starts belligerently whispering me, I caught a bit of the exchange below. I never did figure out who this was, or what problem he thought he had with me.

So, tagging... Indecisive, Saresa, Kestrel, and Naissa! GO GO GO!

¿Donde Es Su Esposa, Mankirk?

Just a quick funny, since I've lightened up a bit from earlier today.
I found this "post in progress" from way back last July.  To call it "unfinished" is putting it mildly, since all that's there is the title.

There are no screenshots with it.  No text in the actual body of the post.  Just that title, that I obviously bothered to correctly punctuate in Spanish.  What in the hell was I doing?
/shake head

When comments are inappropriate

Would you ever walk up to a plus-size woman, whom you do not know, and exclaim, "Wow! Aren't you the hefty one?!"

How about your co-worker, Bob - would you ever saunter up next to him at the coffee pot and announce, "those are SOME ears, now, buddy. You get your own zip code with those?"

Would you ever step up next to a stranger on the bus, double-take, and then ask, "How on Earth did you get your breasts so large? You gotta tell me your secret!"

No. No, you would NOT.

Allow me to set the scene for you this morning. I drove to the office, found my little cube, booted up my computer and set my stuffed monkey, Ookie, in his spot next to the stapler. Why I travel with a stuffed monkey is a story for another day - for now, just go with it.

Then I grabbed my travel mug and headed for the staff kitchen in order to score some of their horrendously bad coffee before it got old and even worse. (Yes, it's possible, unfortunately.) There are several other employees milling about. While I'm painstakingly mixing an optimal amount of generic Sweet N Low and fat-free powdered creamer, a young woman walked into the room. This young woman was about 5'4" and very, very thin. I mean, VERY F'ING THIN. An older, slightly plump woman grabbed this girl by the upper arms and blared into her face, "Oh my GAWD, honey, let me make you a sandwich! Seriously, you gotta put some MEAT on those bones! Although I wouldn't mind being SKINNY like you, I'm afraid you're just gonna BLOW AWAY!"

The young woman fought off her presumably well-meaning attacker and fled, sans the coffee I assumed she'd ventured into kitchen for in the first place. I took a few moments to introduce myself to the older lady, making sure to note her name. Her supervisor and HR rep will be getting a message later today with a gentle suggestion that perhaps some sensitivity training could be in order. I then spent the next 10 minutes in the ladies' room, passing slightly damp paper towels and Pepto Bismol Chewables underneath a stall door until our heroine stopped puking and got herself together.

Metabolism is a funny thing, kids. So is stress, and the body's reaction to it. Some people eat for comfort, some people suffer from eating disorders, and some of us - yes, including me - have tummy issues when we're under stress, frightened, or upset. So please don't assume that anyone - regardless of his or her shape - is all that thrilled about it, in control of it, and willing to discuss it with you.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Aggramar Refugee Exodus

So - the other day I got an email from one of our best friends & guildie; I'll call her M. As many of us have been ever since the Wrath release, she was venting some minor frustration over the length of the queue at 8pm her time (PST). D & I jumped into full-on emergency mode. I ran to kitchen for a pancake turner and started gently scraping M off of the ceiling... he called in the Church and set about the lengthy paperwork process required for an exorcism.

Once that was all done, we began seriously entertaining Blizzard's offer of free character transfers. We've looked into this before, and on more than one occasion. D's long been annoyed by our "target-rich" environment - we went through 95% of BC with Halaa in the Alliance's hands. Now that we suddenly care about Wintergrasp, our being so horribly outnumbered is an even bigger consideration. We had queues just after BC for a bit, but apparently enough of our realm-mates took the bait with the last free transfer offer and they subsided. Now, here we were again.

"I'll go if everyone else goes," was the predominant opinion throughout the guild. Which brings me to obstacle #1 - Cat Herding. Obstacle #2 - not everyone we play / hang out with is a member of BG&E. I have a 'daughter's bf,' G has a cousin, D's brother has a PvP-pal. For one reason or another, all of these individuals were other-guilded. Obstacle #3 - the guild bank. With the money invested in 3 tabs, I had a very hard time just walking away from that. Plus, there are literally POUNDS of highly valuable and oft-required grays and vendor items in there. What if I needed to level someone's cooking? What if I suddenly had a burning need for [Solid Stone]?

Nay, the risk was too great.

My resolve lasted about 12 seconds.

"Screw it, I'm going." And apparently, our inaction was purely the result of no one wanting to go first! M immediately hammered out her GEMA plan, "No Blacksmith Hammer Left Behind," and D and I set ourselves to the task of cleaning out mailboxes. Ten minutes and ten toons later, I'm done. I look over and D is still tranced in front of his monitor doing his very best "deer-in-headlights" impersonation. "OMG, I don't even know where to start," he cried.
I said, "start with that stack of Deviate Fish - vend it." Then I jumped in a raid group and ported to Wintergrasp.

"You know," D commented, breaking my concentration, "while I appreciate the sentiment, this might not have been the best time to have every one of my toons' mailboxes full of Heart Candy."

Eeeek. I did do that, didn't I? /sorry!

Anyway, a flurry of phone calls and emails later, and every one of our core members was alerted to the change and we were on our way to our new home: Nesingwary. We've re-guilded under the name "Occams Razor" (D's idea - love it!) and the bank is pretty much back to normal. We're at about 60% transfers completed, with several toons still en route, but it doesn't look like we've had any real problems.

So - if you're For The Horde and tired of /Trade and sad 'ur mom' jokes, come look us up. Maybe we'll drop by AQ20. Maybe we'll actually hit a Northrend dungeon. Maybe we'll just all hang out in chat and level our fishing. I'll pay 50g for the first Enormous Barbed Gill Trout brought to me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I miss Quel'Danas

How often do I miss it?



Seriously, all those daily quests, all that gold and green-level drops, all those "lunch box" rewards with a chance for an easy Badge, all grouped up in a small and easily-accessible area... As much as I love Northrend, that's what's missing.

Did Blizzard throw too much at us, too soon? I hate to say it, but I think it's possible. We can now choose where we're going to get our dailies. Grizzly Hills for the PvP dailies? Okay. Wintergrasp, for the Stone Keeper Shard reward dailies? Sure. Hodir-helm-polishing? Wolvar-pup-napping? Dragon-flight-sim-killing? Yes, yes, and yes. Until finally, we've satisfied our 25-daily-max. And yet - we still haven't hit them all.

There are pros to the geographical distribution. We all remember landing at the Isle of Quel'Danas for the first time - and not being able to find the quest givers for the mad crush of toons filling each building. And while a few of the Isle quests took you back to Outland, the bulk of them provided the same view over and over again.

Oh, but what a beautiful view it was! Do I sound fickle? I am.

In the same breath I'm able to wax nostalgic about the way dailies used to be, and still appreciate the diversity and sheer volume of dailies today. You know, now that I'm thinking about it... I still need to quest in Icecrown. I don't do dailies for lack of something to do anymore; I do them for the rep-based rewards. So that's a big difference from pre-Wrath. Dailies just have a different feel now.

Oh! You know what else I miss? Booterangs!! I loved that quest, I'd fly all around the ledge tossing shoes at peons and cackling madly. If only there was a way to get that magic back...

We apparently missed last call in Undercity...

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Because there simply IS NO ALCOHOL for sale. It's like growing up in Illinois.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'd Hit That

So, I got my first look at Archavon the other day. The Horde had just totally dominated Wintergrasp, and as I'm running around turning in the PvP quests, I gazed wistfully at the conversation going on in /ra and [1. General].

LF more dps for 10 vault
Who wants to do Archavon?
Need more for voa

In the middle of all this, my daughter's bf (/adore that guy) whispers me and asks if I want to go with his group on a 10-man shot. Knowing full well that he'd keep anyone from making fun of me (since I could totally make his life hell, if I so chose) I decided to take the chance. After all, Malarea's level 80. She's got some pvp gear, some nice crafted epics, doing really decent damage. Why not, right?

Well, I'm so glad we did - because it was a blast! Only like 4 trash mobs, and the boss fell well within the enrage timer. In fact, I felt so good about my performance (my 1800+ came in #4 on the dps chart and more importantly - I LIVED through the whole encounter!) that when WG fell to the Horde again last night, I immediately answered the call for dps in a 25-man, or Heroic, group.

Oy. No, seriously, oy f'ing vey.

No, it wasn't really any harder. And again, I managed to avoid the clouds and spikes, backing out and dotting up SL and Haunt to refill my HP bar when needed. But what the hell? Where did all my leet dps go?! At the end of the fight, Malarea was #10 on the meter at just over 1600 dps. Well below two hunters, two warriors, two DKs, a rogue, a mage, an NPC, and another warlock. I did kick the Druid's ass... but I have a feeling he might have been helping to heal. >.>

Now, don't get me wrong - no one was mean to me, no one said anything about the nooby slackerlock. But still, I was pretty disappointed. So I did what any reasonable person would do - I screenshotted the dps chart in order to preserve my ability to brood over it.

So, I'm about 200 dps light on this fight. Aha! Methinks I spy the culprit: HIT RATING!

From the little bit of research done this morning, I see that with my current spec I need 368 HR for max hit against a raid boss. I have: 133. How depressing - especially since I did bother to get hit-capped with Mal at level 70. >.< Ah, well - it's not often I find myself facing anything with a ?? over its head. Until and unless that changes, my puny little HR is sufficient. At least, that's what I'm telling myself. Shhhh! Don't ruin it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hillary Duff - Voice of a Generation

I saw the most amazing public-awareness 'mercial the other day. And yeah, that SHOULD be a word.

Anyway - it showed the former Lizzie McGuire interrupting two girls in a clothing store when she heard them use the word "gay" in a derogatory - and completely out-of-context - manner. Madre de Dios, THANK YOU.

This has to be one of my absolute biggest pet peeves. I mean, seriously, sometimes only a few minutes in /Trade chat and my eye is twitching so hard I think I'm about to go grande mal. I routinely /ignore people for similar infractions, and have no problem whatsoever politely asking PuG members to cool it. I'll ask once - do it again and I hit my "/e chooses not to party with those who speak and / or act in such a manner. /leave party" macro. For once and for all, people, "gay" is NOT synonomous with "lame." It doesn't mean "weak," "substandard," or "poorly-thought-out."

I'm not even sure which is more soul-withering; that people are so stupid as to not understand what they're doing - or so callously insensitive as to not care. So which is it - be ye morons or be ye assholes?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

3.1 Balance Beam Event - Stick the Landing!

Good morning, loyal readers. Principessa here, bringing you news of buffs & talent overhauls for all the classes we care about. Of course, we care about Priests, and Shadow Priests specifically, most of all. But while I majored in Shadow, I definitely minored in Discipline, and that, my friends, is why I'm so excited!

By all accounts, Patch 3.1 is forthcoming and this looks to be the big post-expansion-class-balancing fix. I mean, have you SEEN some of the reported changes we have to look forward to? The making of Divine Spirit a base Priest spell... that alone is making me lick my lips in quivery anticipation.

Malarea: Yeah, how about that Warrior change?
Prin: Ummm... that affects me, how?
Mal: You didn't hear? They'll generate rage from absorbed damage.
Prin: None of us are warriors, dear.
Mal: No - but you occasionally heal one, and with the change it will be purely okay to PW:S the tank pre-pull.
Prin: pshh. Healing. As IF.
Mal: Maybe you should look into it. Especially since I'm getting a +crit buff AND a Replenishment ability.
Prin: No way - that puts BOTH me & Despairity on the sideline!
Tehrawreyes: What about me? Will I get the Warrior fix, too?
Mal: You don't have Rage, Tehr.
Tehr: Sure, I do. Look, I'm pissed right now!
Prin: That's not Rage, it's Runic Power.
Tehr: Well, isn't that kinda like the same thing?
Mal: No one really knows for sure. It's a mystery, rather like the lack of Undead children.
Prin: I tend to think, NO - the RP bar is far too soothing a color to be really angry. Just more like - creative mischief.
Despairity: So there's a balancing patch coming? What am I getting?
Mal: A new icon, probably. Look - it's such a pretty pink color, now.
Des: That's not my icon - that's your Shadowflame!
Mal: Yeah... (eyes glazed over) ...such a pretty pink color.
Hawli: I'm not going to have to carry ammo, anymore. There's that.
Mal: Oh, great, like YOU really needed that. You can carry around crates that have 4 stacks each - I'm still dragging around a 28-slot Soul Shard bag!
Hawli: (smirks) I also get to name my pets.
Mal: My minions are summoned DEMONS. They are not PETS. They are not cuddly, or cute, or even especially loyal. And anyway - why are YOU out here? I thought you got benched.
Hawli: (sadly) Yeah... *wanders off*
Prin: HA! I found something - Shadowform reduces incoming magic damage and Dispersion will remove snares.
Mal: Uh huh... that sounds like PvP-related stuff. I mean seriously - how often are you snared?
Prin: That's kind of a personal question, isn't it?
Tehr: Hey! Just saw here that Gargoyle is going to be the 51 point Unholy talent, and Unholy Blight will be much less further down the tree. I never use the stupid Gargoyle, so I can free up some of that for the Blood tree!
Mal: Orly? What do you want in the Blood tree?
Tehr: Duh... BLOOD. Seriously? Improved Rune Tap, baby... then I don't even NEED a healer!

Prin: ...

Prin: You guys suck.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dual Spec Poll

Dual Specs:  If you play a class capable of tanking or healing but choose to dps, what will you do with your ability to dual-spec?  Will you use that second, alternative spec for tanking / healing?  Will you use it for PvP?  Or will you simply have a second dps spec for variety? 
Yeah, I'm DYING to know.  What class you do you play, what's your current spec, and what will you choose for your second spec?  Leave a comment or email me now!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How Could Blizzard Improve the Seasonal Content?

Case in point: The Lunar Festival. Could this BE a more boring holiday? /chandlerbing The only part of this I've really enjoyed has been stumbling onto a group trying to take down Omen. I got an invite to the raid and joined in the mass "graveyard zerging" until he fell. Totally exhilarating. Okay, okay, I've also enjoyed selling the Festival Dresses. If only I could make a sweatshop in Gnomeregan and use all those kidnapped Wolvar pups to churn out mass-produced shirts and seasonal-wear...

Anyway. >.> My favorite part of the holiday stuff has got to be the quests. My favorite rewards? No contest - non-combat pets! The only thing cooler than getting a pet from my borrowed orphan would have been actually getting the orphan. And no, I don't think that Blizzard is ever going to let me have an orphan to keep. The Azerothian DFS would hear about my tendency to Deathcoil the critters before I /love them and that would be the end of that.

So while I have been running around the world chatting up Elders, I'm pretty bored with it. We were already given a reason to make the World Tour with Midsummer, and then again with the Explorer achievements. Sorry, Blizz, but you're seriously in need of some fresh ideas.

* Arbor Day - the new "Druid Day," we practice our hippie-free-love-psuedo-ecological awareness. Players are given a packet of seeds and a quest to plant them in just a few isolated locations. Upon completion, these trees will grow and bear fruit in the form of buff food, mana-restoring sap, and the rare baby bird or worm pet.
* Adminstrative Professional's Day - formerly known as "Secretaries' Day." No, I really don't have any good ideas for this one. I never do IRL, either, so there you go.
* Guy Fawkes Day - The Alliance attempt to foil plots at their various harbors, while the Horde attempts to blow them up with the Alliance's own gunpowder. Good times.

See? There are TONS of untapped material out there, and what an awesome opportunity to expose players to the holidays of various other countries and cultures! It would make a lot more sense than just rescuing the same damn reindeer year after year.

After year.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm SO Digging Wintergrasp

As those of you who know me (or listened to my interview on TNB) are aware, I should never PvP. Ever. I'm the world's worst sport.

The only thing I'm worse at than losing: winning.

Well, compadres, I have discovered Wintergrasp.

*queue harp music*

And omfg is this fun! I still have no clue what I'm doing, but it seems to matter less than in the standard Battlegrounds. My strategy thus far varies little from Offense to Defense. While the Horde is attempting to take the keep, I'm typically on the back of someone's vehicle spamming Seeds into the crowd. If the vehicle blows up - I Howl and run.

On Defense, however, I'm even sneakier. I'll edge out onto a balcony and start dropping DoTs on the heads of the Alliance below, giggling madly. While I may be baiting the enemy away from the good players on my side, I'm unconvinced that I'm making any kind of a difference in the outcome of battle. I'm enjoying myself profusely. And isn't that what really matters?

No. Not even I believe that. Epics, that's what matters. I've only hit up maybe 6 battles total, and just last night I was able to go drop 15 WG Marks of Honor on new boots. Since I was shopping, I also hit up the PvP vendor in Orgrimmar and discovered some nice bracers on sale for only 31.6k honor. Bargain!

I'm loving the buff we get from winning, I'm digging the Eternals farmed up afterwards, and I'm totally considering actually learning how to defend myself against the other classes in one-on-one combat. Yeah... I just might.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Felhunter Sees Shadow; Eats Mage

On the other hand... he's totally apologetic. Happy Groundhog's Day!

Just on a side note... The temporary assignment I'm currently on should be ending sometime this month. I'd love to find something part-time while going back to school for my BA in Written Communication (wow, doesn't that sound just absolutely haughty?)... you know, just enough to pay my $15 WoW bill and other necessities. Any ideas, friends?

Seem To Be Missing Your Bear Butt?

Broken feed, kiddos...

Head over to the actual blog to re-subscribe. It's the right thing to do.

Sunday, February 1, 2009