Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How Could Blizzard Improve the Seasonal Content?

Case in point: The Lunar Festival. Could this BE a more boring holiday? /chandlerbing The only part of this I've really enjoyed has been stumbling onto a group trying to take down Omen. I got an invite to the raid and joined in the mass "graveyard zerging" until he fell. Totally exhilarating. Okay, okay, I've also enjoyed selling the Festival Dresses. If only I could make a sweatshop in Gnomeregan and use all those kidnapped Wolvar pups to churn out mass-produced shirts and seasonal-wear...

Anyway. >.> My favorite part of the holiday stuff has got to be the quests. My favorite rewards? No contest - non-combat pets! The only thing cooler than getting a pet from my borrowed orphan would have been actually getting the orphan. And no, I don't think that Blizzard is ever going to let me have an orphan to keep. The Azerothian DFS would hear about my tendency to Deathcoil the critters before I /love them and that would be the end of that.

So while I have been running around the world chatting up Elders, I'm pretty bored with it. We were already given a reason to make the World Tour with Midsummer, and then again with the Explorer achievements. Sorry, Blizz, but you're seriously in need of some fresh ideas.

* Arbor Day - the new "Druid Day," we practice our hippie-free-love-psuedo-ecological awareness. Players are given a packet of seeds and a quest to plant them in just a few isolated locations. Upon completion, these trees will grow and bear fruit in the form of buff food, mana-restoring sap, and the rare baby bird or worm pet.
* Adminstrative Professional's Day - formerly known as "Secretaries' Day." No, I really don't have any good ideas for this one. I never do IRL, either, so there you go.
* Guy Fawkes Day - The Alliance attempt to foil plots at their various harbors, while the Horde attempts to blow them up with the Alliance's own gunpowder. Good times.

See? There are TONS of untapped material out there, and what an awesome opportunity to expose players to the holidays of various other countries and cultures! It would make a lot more sense than just rescuing the same damn reindeer year after year.

After year.

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