Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I miss Quel'Danas

How often do I miss it?



Seriously, all those daily quests, all that gold and green-level drops, all those "lunch box" rewards with a chance for an easy Badge, all grouped up in a small and easily-accessible area... As much as I love Northrend, that's what's missing.

Did Blizzard throw too much at us, too soon? I hate to say it, but I think it's possible. We can now choose where we're going to get our dailies. Grizzly Hills for the PvP dailies? Okay. Wintergrasp, for the Stone Keeper Shard reward dailies? Sure. Hodir-helm-polishing? Wolvar-pup-napping? Dragon-flight-sim-killing? Yes, yes, and yes. Until finally, we've satisfied our 25-daily-max. And yet - we still haven't hit them all.

There are pros to the geographical distribution. We all remember landing at the Isle of Quel'Danas for the first time - and not being able to find the quest givers for the mad crush of toons filling each building. And while a few of the Isle quests took you back to Outland, the bulk of them provided the same view over and over again.

Oh, but what a beautiful view it was! Do I sound fickle? I am.

In the same breath I'm able to wax nostalgic about the way dailies used to be, and still appreciate the diversity and sheer volume of dailies today. You know, now that I'm thinking about it... I still need to quest in Icecrown. I don't do dailies for lack of something to do anymore; I do them for the rep-based rewards. So that's a big difference from pre-Wrath. Dailies just have a different feel now.

Oh! You know what else I miss? Booterangs!! I loved that quest, I'd fly all around the ledge tossing shoes at peons and cackling madly. If only there was a way to get that magic back...


Esdras said...

I have not even started dailies and possibly wont for a while, i do realise that i should start the sons so i can get the shoulder enchant but just canned be assed.

I agree the island was amazing for doing dailies and good fun to do.

Im just a bit over whelmed with al the daileis in LK should possibly see if i can find a guide and maybe do 1 faction at a time.

thedoctor said...

I dont really miss the dailys on the isle, but I do the massive pvp action.

The first weekend it Isle open felt like AV.

It was wild! Good times, /sniffle

cool blog btw

Otta said...

Wow, Doc! What an image that is.

We play on a PvE server, but I played to 60 on a PvP one. I can imagine what Quel'Danas would have been like on PvP. Insane!

I have limited playtime, so I've been slow on the dailies as well. Important things first- got exalted with Kaluak to get the penguin pet! Now I'm working on Wymrest. So much to do, so little time.