Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'd Hit That

So, I got my first look at Archavon the other day. The Horde had just totally dominated Wintergrasp, and as I'm running around turning in the PvP quests, I gazed wistfully at the conversation going on in /ra and [1. General].

LF more dps for 10 vault
Who wants to do Archavon?
Need more for voa

In the middle of all this, my daughter's bf (/adore that guy) whispers me and asks if I want to go with his group on a 10-man shot. Knowing full well that he'd keep anyone from making fun of me (since I could totally make his life hell, if I so chose) I decided to take the chance. After all, Malarea's level 80. She's got some pvp gear, some nice crafted epics, doing really decent damage. Why not, right?

Well, I'm so glad we did - because it was a blast! Only like 4 trash mobs, and the boss fell well within the enrage timer. In fact, I felt so good about my performance (my 1800+ came in #4 on the dps chart and more importantly - I LIVED through the whole encounter!) that when WG fell to the Horde again last night, I immediately answered the call for dps in a 25-man, or Heroic, group.

Oy. No, seriously, oy f'ing vey.

No, it wasn't really any harder. And again, I managed to avoid the clouds and spikes, backing out and dotting up SL and Haunt to refill my HP bar when needed. But what the hell? Where did all my leet dps go?! At the end of the fight, Malarea was #10 on the meter at just over 1600 dps. Well below two hunters, two warriors, two DKs, a rogue, a mage, an NPC, and another warlock. I did kick the Druid's ass... but I have a feeling he might have been helping to heal. >.>

Now, don't get me wrong - no one was mean to me, no one said anything about the nooby slackerlock. But still, I was pretty disappointed. So I did what any reasonable person would do - I screenshotted the dps chart in order to preserve my ability to brood over it.

So, I'm about 200 dps light on this fight. Aha! Methinks I spy the culprit: HIT RATING!

From the little bit of research done this morning, I see that with my current spec I need 368 HR for max hit against a raid boss. I have: 133. How depressing - especially since I did bother to get hit-capped with Mal at level 70. >.< Ah, well - it's not often I find myself facing anything with a ?? over its head. Until and unless that changes, my puny little HR is sufficient. At least, that's what I'm telling myself. Shhhh! Don't ruin it!


Ho Ho said...

Technically you'll need 3% less hit as you didn't take misery into account. Therefore the real cap is 289.

Esdras said...

i love that raid as well and have actually been pretty lucky in it getting three drops out of 5 goes XD.

I am pretty much going to any pugg raid i can at the moment as spending a lot of time on my palading with the wife so not on priest at raid start times.