Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You have GOT to be kidding me

So I'm listening to TNB, (Hi Bre & Fym!!) digging into the News of the Week, and I hear that there's a change in the reported 3.1 upcoming changes.  Hunters will still have ammo, it seems.  However, Blizz stands by their assertion that they want to remove the necessity for quivers and ammo pouches, so now the arrows and bullets will stack to insane amounts in one bag slot.
Are they serious?  Have they not even considered the fact that Warlocks are carrying - in some cases - two full bags full of Soul Shards?!  What are our alternatives?  We can run light on shards in the hope that we'll be able to Drain trash during raids - at a significant loss in our already sub-standard trash dps.  We can forgo the abilities that require shards, I guess.  Hell, it's not like any of my pets are doing me any damn good anyway.  No, you cannot have a Healthstone.  L2pot, friend. 
Now, I'm not one to cry "NERF" whenever one class or another has an ability or class-specific boon that isn't available anywhere else.  I felt bad when BM Hunters got the bat, because, hey, I play one!  In fact, there are very few classes I DON'T play, and even among those, I have close friends who play those classes and I rely on them.  So it's not like I want Hunters to have it bad - I just don't want Warlocks to have it worse.
If you absolutely gotta nerf something, grab a Murloc.

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