Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dual Spec Poll, Part 2

In the first post about dual specs I asked how you'd be using that alternate set up. Enough people responded with 'tanking' or 'healing' that the next question is apparent: in light of Blizzard's announcement that dual specs will only be available at level 80, do we really think that's wise?

I thought the coolest aspect of dual speccing would be that potential tanks and healers could be learning and practicing those skills while leveling, without having to lose that efficient leveling spec everyone seems to go for. If that's not the case, aren't we being condemned to just another generation of fresh 80s who think they can simply jump into a new party role and perform well?

Spec and gear will only take you so far - and talent isn't the same thing as 'talent points.' During the leveling process is EXACTLY when we need access to dual specs. Having that ability only at the end of the journey robs us of the opportunity to arrive at 80 with skill, and not just gear.
Of course, if the rumored cost (500-1000g) is true, most leveling toons won't have the cash. We have plenty of sinks already in mounts, epic mounts, cold-weather flying, leveling professions, and pet-collecting that the cost of having two specs seems exorbitant.

More and more, the concept of dual specs seems to be designed as yet another way for affluent 80s to spend their gold, instead of promoting additional tanks and healers at all stages of the game. And that makes me sad.

Blizzard - this one is for you.

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typhoonandrew said...

I thought that dual spec was for 40s and above. If its 80s only, its not actually solving the problem I wanted it to.