Sunday, March 1, 2009

Captain, it appears that the spammers have found us...

I hated to do it, I really did. I LOVE getting comments on my blog, and the last thing I wanted to do was to implement that "retype these letters" authentication setting. Please don't that that dissuade you, lovely commenters. Gentle commenters, without whom I would be so lost and alone.

But - the spammers have recently found me. And while there is some unintended comedy, it's only fun for the first few broken-english, flowery, complimentary instances. I see no other alternative.


Esdras said...

I actually try to comment on nearly every blog i read even if its to say something as little as LOL.

Dont worry kust write and we will post XD

Naissa said...

My spam filter catches a lot of spam and then emails me about it. "Oooh a comment...Oh...spam!" :(

I really don't mind the whole "Type this word" as long as the word is clearly written. Yours is fine, it's some of the ones where the letters blend together and they're hard to read that make me pull my hair out. :P