Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where is Prin?

I know you're probably wondering. After all, this blog was originally ALL about Principessa and her sisters in Shadow.

I am saddened to say that Prin, like many of her Blood Elf relations, has fallen to the siren song of addiction. Just last week I caught her running through Scarlet Monastery spamming Arcane Torrent at every cooldown. She's scratching the insides of her forearms, wracked with Mana Tap withdrawals.

So we packed her toothbrush and some crayons and shuttled her off to the Sin'Dorei version of the Betty Ford Clinic. While she spent the first couple of nights rocking herself and muttering in Thallasian, she appears to be a much stronger and more stable little Priest now. It's our sincere hope that by the time 3.1 goes live, she'll be back and in action, better than ever.

Of course, as a result of that little Hawkstrider accident, Prin is going to be doing some Community Service. I can't think of a better, and more useful, contribution than having her become a party healer for Northrend. She'll be dual-speccing Shadow and Disc healer as soon as she's back on her feet.

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Syrana said...

Mana addiction is such a horrible thing. I'm glad I don't have a problem. *shifty eyes*