Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chasing Talikya

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a Troll Warrioress was born.  As she prepared to leave her home in The Den and embark upon her many adventures, she was joined by two close friends; fellow Trolls Bonegrinder, a priest, and Petownah, -wait for it- a hunter.  (Petownah's parents had a really messed-up sense of humor about names.)
Soon it came to pass that this Warrioress's best friend, (another Troll named Grinelda who was studying the Shamanistic arts) joined her on her travels.  Bonegrinder proved redundant in his clan of many healers, and Petownah was killed off to make room for yet another Warlock whose only purpose is to hold Warp Burgers.  Before long, another Shaman Troll (D) and the Undead Warlock Malarea were questing and exploring profitable dungeons with our heroine Talikya and her best bud, Grinelda.  They were very often joined by a highly-skilled Undead Rogue named Wolfshade.
And Talikya, being the only plate-wearing class in the group, was beaten and bullied into taking the brunt of the damage.  Her heart yearned to dps; alas, it was rarely meant to be.  And time and time again she was chided by her group-mates, "Four Sunders, Talikya!  Four Sunders!!"
Okay, what's the point to all this?  The point is, as you already know, that I have an Unholy DK who is gearing up and training to be a tank.  She's working on her rotations, gathering the gear...  and all too often finds herself looking towards to high-dps cooldowns on her hotbar, instead of the high-threat ones.  That's a mistake, and she knows better, and now more than ever she understands the plight of poor Talikya. 
It's easy enough to KNOW that your job isn't to kill the mob; it's just to keep the mob busy while the 3 sneaky people behind you kill it and the 4th guy in the back heals you.  Sure, it's easy enough to KNOW that.  But it is hard, hard, HARD to keep on task, especially when the first five toons you leveled to near 70 and beyond were dps. 
I'm getting a little better at reminding myself to save those runes for taunting, Pestilence, and my bubbly-bloody-circle-of-doom, but I'm still not great.  At this point, what I need to say more than anything is,
"I'm sorry, Talikya.  Where ever you are.  This shit is harder than it looks!"
If anyone ever told me I'd use a Kevin Smith movie and Warcraft-themed RP in the same post, I'd have had them committed.  Seriously.  And yet - here we are, huh?

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