Monday, March 9, 2009

It's like Christmas!!

What do I have for you today?  Oh, just a wish-list of sorts.  Things I'm excited about, things I'm looking forward to, and some things that are just too amazing to come to pass.
1.  Fishing dailies!
2.  Two new pets - the Westfall Chicken quest to be available in Brill for the Horde, and Sprite Darters will soon drop a rare pet in Feralas.  Hear that?  That's the sound of D's pet-farming shaman looking for the first Wyvern out of Swamp of Sorrows.  That's where he's been of late, opening flying green lottery tickets. 
3.  The end of Arena Season 5.  I don't Arena, I just want them to give us more welfare epics purchasable with honor.  I'm addicted to Wintergrasp, see, and I've got nothing left to spend my honor on.
4.  A sleeker, more refined Affliction rotation. 
5.  Dual-specs, so that I can rock a Felguard when I grow bored of that new, dumbed-down Affliction rotation.
6.  Seriously - my first dual spec is earmarked for Prin.  Can't wait to try healing as Discipline.  D's priest makes it look so fun!
7.  Only 4 more Northrend dungeons to do on Mal before I get my Wispcloak recipe. 
8.  Possible guild alliance with one of the best bunches of people I've ever met in-game.  Their GM whispered me the other day - imagine how delighted I was to see that they'd made the migration over from Aggramar as well! 
9.  Old friends, new friends, borrowed friends, and blue friends.  Okay, I'm not excited about the blue friends, but here's wishing the "blue" of you some sun-shine-y yellow. 
10.  Speaking of yellow... getting back to the RL house-remodel pre-selling it project.  I can't wait to see the kitchen when it's done. 

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Syrana said...

I must admit I'm sorta stoked about the sprite darter becoming available for the Horde. I obtained a Westfall chicken with help of a guildie's Alliance alt, but the darter... oh I thought it could never be possible! ;)