Friday, September 12, 2008

Prin Re-Specs Holy; Stubs Toe; Dies

So I haven't had much to say in the Shadow Priest area this week. See, D got it in his head that if I respecced holy, I'd be able to heal a heroic. *snort* Turns out, no, I can't. No, I didn't really try, but even specced holy and in my tragically underwhelming healy gear, Be Imba had me at under 100 for PvE. I couldn't get my +heals over 1k, and yeah, while I could have dropped some gold on enchanting her stuff, I didn't want to pull an Obama, you know?*

Now here I am, running around Sunwell Plateau, attempting dailies. I'm still not Exalted there on Prin, you see. Okay, the coast. I pull a Myrmidon, he badly wounds me. A Siren spawns right on top of me and I'm dead.

Moving on to the demons. Oh, awesome, someone has just killed the big guy. I run over there to plant my flag in its back, and apparently stabbed myself in the foot with it because I'm suddenly at like, 20% health. I'm not even in combat!

I resolve to L2Smite. Geez this feels so alien to me...

Bombing run? Oh, yeah! I can't possibly get hurt doing this. HA. You forgot about the Reservists at the landing dock, didn't you? Yeah, I did. /sigh

Bloodberry bush! Aha! GAH! Since when do these things have THORNS!?

Donate gold to the cause? Sure, why not? It's not like I'm going to have a 400g repair bill, or anything. Anchorite Ayuri's Rough Cuticle hits Principessa for 7,000 critical. Principessa dies.

I'm totally going to go re-spec back to Shadow. I don't know how you holier-than-me people get anything done in this game. *grumble*

*PLEASE do not take this comment as an open invitation to get all political here. I'm just trying to be topical, I'm not trying to ruin my rep as the founding member of the Apathetic party.


BlueTiger said...

We come equipped with our very own Warrior that runs in front of us and smashes eberything to pulp :P

Beowulfa said...

ROFL. Yeah, can't imagine playing priest as holy .... lurve the shadow :D

Anonymous said...

love playing my holy priest..i can do dailies etc on my own if i need to... but like every sensible holy priest i have my own pet tank... and so pet dps too

Bribery my friends

bribe them with heals add cookies if you have to

ALthough for some bizarre reason they wanted my to dps on prince holy spec... sometimes i think all the hitting things sends them crazy

WTB sanity spell for my pets

otta said...

I've always been a party healer, but with my priest I just couldn't take the full-bore holy spec. Right now he's 23disc/38holy- I like bringing the Improved Divine Spirit to the team.

I've dabbled down to 35 or more points in the Disc tree, just to improve my healbot's solo-ability. But yeah... Holy priest was the most painful solo-questing experience I've had.