Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So there has been much talk of penguins in WoW, especially now that we're gearing up to head to Northrend for yet another world-saving, right?

All news pointed to the Beta servers being down this morning, which put a real cramp in my day since that's how I'd previously decided to soothe myself during normal server down-time. Bummer, eh? Well, there was a patch to install, which I did, and then I thought, why not just SEE if I can't log in? And I could! I hopped onto Tehrawreyes, my DK, for a little herbing.
Hmmm... new mail - from Master Handler Sylvester. Wonder what it could be...

Is he not just the cutest thing you've ever seen!?

In other news, hitting level 75 Herbalism appears to have earned me a new HoT spell... tasty.


Muckbeast said...

The penguin is actually kinda ugly. I am surprised really. A neat idea though.

That herbalism spell seems quite handy.

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Otta said...

I think he's cute, just kinda crazy-eyed. Thanks for revealing him, Prin.