Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Nubscar goes to....

T & D, for best impersonation of a Tank & Healer team, in Azjol Nerub!!
*An Undead couple rushes excitedly from the audience and up the stairs to the podium amid hearty applause.  The male grabs the trophy and waves it triumphantly over his head.  The female plants herself behind the mike.*
"I'd like to thank our friends and guildies:  Mesh, for popping so many different forms, and always just when we needed him to.  Tummy, for spending just as much time healing as he did dpsing.  Eak, what a Shammie, honestly - we couldn't have done it without those Poison-Cleansing Totems, buddy!
I'd also like to thank the developers at Blizzard... you know, you might have thought that they'd make those Presence buttons stand out a little better.  Or have some kind of warning when you die and resurrect that perhaps your Presence might have changed without your knowledge.  Or maybe - maybe your Presence should show on your buffs so that more alert party members might see, and notice...  I'm just saying.  A lot of work and effort goes into speccing, and gearing, and training, and practicing, and to have it ALL just washed away, in wipe after wipe after wipe, because you forgot to click one LITTLE FROSTY BLUE BUTTON FOR THE TANKING PRESENCE, I mean SERIOUSLY, IS THAT UTTER BULLSH*T OR WHAT?  AND THEN - "
*Music floods the auditorium, interrupting the rest of the acceptance-speech-turned-rant.  Gaudily-dressed Blood Elves enter from the wings to escort our winning couple out.*

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Esdras said...

Gaudily-dressed Blood Elves i could not agree more hahaha.