Tuesday, May 13, 2008

World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.4.2

As always, the latest patch notes can be found at the official WoW website.
Patch 2.4.2 is LIVE on Tuesday, May 13, 2008.

Principessa: So, I'm here today to talk about the latest patch details with my sisters.

Malarea, lvl 70 Warlock
Despairity, lvl 54 Mage
Hawli, lvl 45 Hunter
Rigatoni, lvl 70 Rogue

Prin: So, I'm scrolling through the latest patch notes, and it appears to me that Hunters are the hot news of the day.

Mal: Hot mess, maybe.

Hawli: :P

Prin: Seriously, with the changes to Boar Charge, Growl, and Scare Beast, the Hunter section has more changes than any other class.

Hawli: Yah, the Scare Beast change rox my sox. I can't wait to try it out on D's druid.

Prin: But you don't play with the druid - I do. He's too high for your level. We're questing Zangarmarsh, for the love of god.

Hawli: We're all gonna be 70 some day, baby.

Desi: Not if some of us don't get on a horse. Seriously, I've been in my 50's for, like, a year now.

Hawli: ANYWAY, Scare Beast isn't the only big change for us. The controversy continues with the whole "Growl / boar Charge / which AP is which" thingy. I mean, seriously, we're now going to act like Growl scaling with MY attack power was a mistake? And it should have been Chookie's AP all along?

Rigs: *snort* Chookie... lol.

Hawli: Shut up. He is a lil' Chookie-wookie... *babytalks and scratches Scorpid's chin* Whatever. Besides, at my level I'm not having problems with pulling aggro off of Chooks, I'm having problems with keeping enough mana to do decent dps.

Prin: Yah, well, that was last patch. This is now. Moving on - Mages.

Desi: *wakes up* Yeah?

Prin: Pay attention. I noticed this little gem in the notes: Polymorph: Mounted creatures will no longer remain mounted while polymorphed.

Desi: God.dammit.

Rigs: What?

Desi: That was FUN.

Rigs: Well, you get a new teleport / portal spell to replace it.

Desi: To Stonard, right?

Rigs: Yup. Welcome to your new role - porting lazy bastards to Kara. Hey! Does this mean you can port me and Mal?

Desi: Of course not - we're all on the same account.

Mal: Gah, whose idea was the mage, anyway.

Desi: Hey!

Prin: OMG this is taking forever. Moving along - they've fixed the sound on my PW:S.

Mal: 'Bout time. A-NNOY-ING.

Prin: Tell me about it. Like I want the whole zone to know I had to bubble.

Rigs: Do they take away your Shadow Priest membership card for that?

Mal: No, but they ought to.

Rigs and Mal high-five, chortling.

Prin: *glares*

Rigs: Sorry - but neither of us got anything cool.

Desi: I don't call my changes "cool."

Hawli: Mine would only be good if I PvP'd.

Rigs: Well, you're gonna be PvPing, unless you want to be riding that featherduster with feet through Outlands.

Hawli: Good point.

Prin: In the tradeskills section, I notice that they've reduced the mats needed for Glove Reinforcements.

Rigs: Yeah. It's still insane, though. Three Primal Earth? Bah. I mean, who the hell puts 240 armor on their gloves? Especially when you could get a Strength enchant.

Mal: Strength to Gloves? I have that.

Prin: Yah, we know. *eyeroll* Anyway, I'm guessing tanks would like extra armor.

Rigs: They might now that it's so much cheaper. But *shrug* who knows what's going on in their heads?

Zohara: Mailboxes can be tracked on the mini-map, now.

Mal: What the hell? Who let her in here?

Zohara: Mailboxes are an important game mechanic.

Prin: We're talking about real issues and functions within the Game, Zoe, not just "mailing stuff." *eyeroll*

Zohara: *frantic* But it's ALL I'VE GOT!! Don't you UNDERSTAND? THAT'S MY WORLD! MAIL!

Rigs: "Bank Alts Gone Wild!" *giggles*

Hawli: This is totally getting out of hand. Can you Mind Control her, or something?

Desi: I could sheep her!

Mal: Yah, the minute you see a moon pop up over her head, you go for it. Until then, relax.

Rigs: *sneaks up behing Zohara and saps her* There you go.

Prin: Thank you.

Rigs: Hey - you guys know she's holding like 13 Primal Fires?

Mal: Yes - and they're earmarked for me. I'll thank you not to pick our bank alt's pockets.

Desi: OMG - "Troll Male off-hand items are now the same size as the main hand item." *snicker*

Mal: Is EVERYTHING a double-entendre for you?

Desi: Double what?

Rigs: She means, "dirty."

Prin: Okay, this is getting completely off-track. There really isn't anything else of note to talk about, so unless one of you has something important to say... Okay then, til the next patch. See you then.


Cynra said...

I'll admit, as an avid roleplayer I was immensely amused by your characters' conversation. I got a chuckle out of it, especially regarding the (lack of significant) priestly changes.

I don't usually do pieces with my characters interacting together since I tend to think of them as very separate identities, but the idea of them having a conversation like that regarding changes in the game is a nifty idea. I might just borrow that for a future post on my site...

T-Sonn said...

Go for it! They really do tend to take on personalities of their own, don't they?