Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm filling up the barn

Patch 3.3 has revived a great deal of the love I had for WoW, and the biggest part of that has probably been the Dungeon Finder utility. I've been having such a fantastic time working my way toward the Patient title, the Perky Pug, gathering badges, new loot, and Heroic mode achievements, and gaining considerably on some other achievements, as well. I've managed to become exalted with all but the Hodir faction, I'm well on my way to championing a fourth faction in the Tournament, and I've satisfied my burning desire for the Albino Drake.

Just this weekend I've managed to score a new Robe, Sword, Hat, set of Shoulders, and the Bronze Drake. That's something for someone who hadn't logged in for months, and had even let her account lapse.

Meanwhile, D has been working his 70-ish Druid through the Netherwing dailies, on his way to a pretty drake to ride. He's found over a dozen eggs in the last 24 hours or so, so it's going relatively quickly.

Since I was working on dungeons, and achievements, I discovered that I only had two more Azeroth and two Outland dungeons to do in order to get the Dungeon Master achievements. Gnomereggan and BRD fell quickly, leaving only Arcatraz and Shattered Halls to be dominated. I was really surprised at the dungeons that didn't get done, but considering I have 2 80's and 4 70's, I suppose that I must have taken other classes in on runs those expeditions.

So, if you, too, are interested in stockpiling a bunch of ground and flying mounts and then using a random macro to cycle between them as a source of amusement, by all means, check out my article on Bright Hub. It'll be worth it.

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