Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm in Utgarde Keep, Y'all!

So Malarea was putzing around in the Beta this morning when she decided to see about putting together a group for UK. No one in guild was jumping, so she took it to /General - and got a full group in about 20 seconds.

I already had one quest for the dungeon in my log, to kill Prince Keleseth. Just inside the portal, an undead Blood Elf named "Dark Ranger Marrah" offered a second one: go get Ingvar the Plunderer's head. No problem, we're on it.

The first boss, Prince Keleseth, engaged immediately following the clearing of the trash in his room. He will intermittently "Frost Tomb" random members of your party, which looks a lot like a mage's Ice Block. We were doing fine - until he decided to start zapping our tank. We wiped. That's when party member BW noticed that the Frost Tomb was targetable... hmmm...

DPS'ers Uh, Ut, Vana, and I set up macros to /target Frost Tomb and hot-barred them. The boss formerly known as "Prince" went down like a sack o'taters. BOOM!

Boss #2 is actually a duet - Dalronn the Controller & Skarvald the Constructor. We burned Dalronn down first and then started in on Skarvald. Dalronn's ghost came back and started fighting back, we ignored him and took out the 2nd boss with no problems. Mal also learned that Metamorphasis is AMAZING when her Seed of Corruption aggro's an entire group to her.

Ingvar the Plunder is the 3rd and final boss in this instance. Another basic tank-and-spank, although Ingvar would occasionally "roar." Being ranged dps, I'm not sure what that roar accomplished. I for one wasn't all that intimidated. The only notable thing about this encounter was that following Ingvar's death he got a spirit-rez and came back again - same amount of hit points, and no real difference to the 2nd phase of the battle.

Total loot: A fist weapon for the warrior, Leather caster pants that got disenchanted, and Malarea scored a new helm: Reinforced Velvet Helm. Add that to the new bracers and ring she got as quest rewards and it was a lovely haul for our favorite warlock.

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