Thursday, August 7, 2008

You Can't Chat When You're Dead... and other nuggets of wisdom

I've tried to love my Mage. And then I tried to just LIKE her. It's more difficult than one might think. I've tried to rationalize, that I was spoiled by playing a warlock and a rogue, both of which are super-high damage with much less squishiness.

I've tried to justify my dissatisfaction by citing my preferred "Rambo" playstyle and utter lack of peripheral vision.

In the end, I think it all just boils down to one little fact. Despairity spends far more time as a Ghost than any other toon I've played.

It's really hard to like a Ghost.


Cynra said...

Aww, and here I've been telling the world how much I've adored my mageling. Mind you, I may have a 70 hunter but I've really got a bevvy of priests hidden throughout my account. Compared to them, the mage is a weapon of mass destruction that rolls through town in titanium reinforced plate.

If you're having problems staying alive as a mage, try going Frost. The survivability of that tree is just awesome; I can Frost Nova beasties into place, rip them apart with some well-placed Frostbolts of doom, slow them with Cone of Cold to keep them away from me even longer, and then Cold Snap if I have to freeze things in place again. Not to mention there's Polymorph when I take on multiple mobs and I adore Counterspell.

I've leveled a Fire mage and I definitely didn't find it as enjoyable as I have Frost.

TeePee said...

Totally agree, i went thru the identical process as you outlined it (scarily similar thoughts along the way), came to the same decision - mages need some serious love before my little cap gun will ever make it further than 61

Kestrel said...

Waitasec could you NOT love a mage punningly named "Dispairity"??? 100% win, that one! :)

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T-Sonn said...

Thanks for the comments, all!

She started out to be a fire mage, but respecced full Frost when I picked her back up last year (she'd been abandoned at about level 40 for some time). Frost is MUCH better, but I still think it's a) different play style required and b) my lack of skill in said style, lol.