Monday, August 24, 2009

Re-visiting the lowbie game

I've found my way back to WoW, in just little dribs and drabs, lately. I haven't so much as touched my high level toons, though. Instead, I've been leveling a couple of Draenei alts back on the server where D and I played Alliance way back when. If you happen by Dalaran say hi to drama-queen Emnyte the Shaman and Draece the Clumsy Hunter.

I have them both on the cusp of level 30, and - other than the DK I made there to farm gold for me (Turette the potty mouth) - it's pretty much the highest I've ever leveled an Alliance character.

You know, I take that back. I do have Colbi the cheesy Night Elf Druid languishing in her mid-30s, but other than getting her a new 'do and checking out the pink cat form, she isn't seeing any love either.

What I have REALLY enjoyed, though, is that leveling is no longer the monstrous ass-ache it used to be with the running back and forth and spending hours just getting from one place to the next. Say what you will about ruining the game, I'm DIGGING having early-access to mounts. What do you think?

Recent WoW mount changes re-vitalize the lowbie game

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Ho Ho said...

Mount changes are great! Getting a 150% flightform the second I dinged 60 on my boomkin is awfully good. No more do I need to run around packs of mobs in a big circle to get to somewhere, not to mention gathering quest items is much easier when I don't have to fight my way through packs of mobs