Thursday, August 13, 2009

Guild Loot Rules - which system does your guild use?

Loot Distribution Systems for Guilds

Writing this article created some interesting questions for me. My own small guild of RL friends and family has always used a combination of Need / Greed and a very - VERY - casual Loot Council. For instance, something drops and one of us in the party will exclaim, "Pally shoulders! Woot!" or something to that effect. If an item drops and benefits more than one person in the party, the guild drama typically starts like this:

"You take it. It goes with your robe."
"No, no, I couldn't! I just got a ring! YOU take it."
"No, I'm serious, I really want YOU to have it."

Then we'll all have a good cry and spend a few moments calling each other 'sweetheart' and finally someone will equip the damn thing so we can move on. Of course, we've only been running retro-raids lately, so the item in question was probably the wrench-shoulders or the Bullwinkle hat, or something like that.

I can only imagine how much drama loot could cause in a guild where people aren't there strictly for the companionship. Okay, that's not true, I have participated in such guilds and I know for SURE that the resentment can build fast and furious if not successfully squelched early on.

So how does YOUR guild hand out the swag? And when the llama rears its ugly head, who gets to step on it, and how?

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