Tuesday, August 25, 2009

C'mon, Aion open beta

It really can't get here soon enough. There are just so many things that I'm itching to try out, for instance, the Spirit Master class. I'm wondering how similar to WoW's Warlock that will be, or if it should more logically be compared to the Magus in Warhammer Online. I've never played a Ranger-type class that didn't have a pet, so trying out the Scout's Ranger spec also looks to be pretty fun.

While in the closed beta, I messed around a bit with Handicrafting, Sewing, Alchemy, and Cooking. While the Handicrafting looks fun and has jewelry recipes, it also creates bows and staves - neither of which fit my Sorcerer, Templar, or Assassin classes. So, trying out a Ranger or Chanter with Handicrafting should prove to be of more use.

I am definitely sure that I need an Alchemist; the HP, MP, Cleansing, and Flight potions are all essential, I'm convinced.

For those of you who'd like to get a glimpse of life as a Sorcerer, ENJOY!

Aion Sorcerer Class Guide - Levels 10-19

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Fulguralis said...

I'd say its similar to running demonology specced as a warlock. That, and your mother was a mage so you have some utilities for escape (and can't like drain them of things, which I find personally saddening, but oh well). There is some micromanagement (and I haven't gotten very high so this is sort of "grain of salt" advice), but it seems closer to what I enjoy than the Sorcerer. (or any of the other classes).