Thursday, May 29, 2008

Easiest Ways to Get /Ignored

Yes, I know, there are several. I'm only looking for the easiest, those that don't require a huge investment in time or other resources.

  1. Ask me for gold. No, go ahead, I double-dog-dare you.

  2. Ask me for a "run thru" of (insert lowbie dungeon) so that you can get (insert piece of gear that is of absolutely no use to your class).

  3. Use the word "gay" to mean "lame" or "annoying." Yes, I know, etymology. It wasn't originally intended to mean "homosexual," either, but dammit, people. Do NOT say, "lol that was gay." Not to me.

  4. Ask me if I am gay. Yes, of course, I only married for the free Wi-Fi.

  5. Ninja loot in an instance. Not the "oops, omg, I'm so sorry, guys!" kind but the "lol i de i nned teh gold lol" kind. I will ignore your happy butt faster than Athene can fffssssssst! around the column.

  6. Post your damage meters. After every pull. Every. Freaking. Pull.

  7. Same-faction griefing. Yes, this does happen. Some people just NEED to be asshats so bad that they can't wait for an opposing-faction player to show up.

  8. Be stupid in /Trade. Also includes being stupid in /General. If you are stupid, that's okay, just, you know, keep it to yourself. (This does not, however, include Barrens Chat. You're expected to be stupid there. Get all the Chuck Norris and ur mom lol out of your system, go ahead, that's what it's there for. Try to keep it as clean as posssible, and avoid anything involving pedophilia, necrophilia, pedo-necro-philia, or forced sexual contact.)

  9. Be nasty to a new player asking a reasonable question. The first 3 times I attempted to go to the Undercity, I failed to notice the elevator doors. I just had minimal patience and crappy luck and never saw any of them open. I had no idea the city was down there until a nice mage escorted me to the bank.

  10. Drop a duel flag on me after I've politely declined your offer to duel.

So, what say you, fellow players? What hammers on your /ignore buttons?


Kevin said...

I think you pretty much got them all.

Justin said...

Heh, this one is easy for me, as I have a Priest (Holy at the moment, but frequently Shadow) and a Druid (Feral).

Them: "hi will u heal ________."
Me: "No thanks, but good luck!"
Them" "why not."

I used to offer a reason. Now I offer a banhammer to the teeth. Am I the only one who thinks it's rude to argue with somebody who declines to heal your PuG? Like, do they think that arguing with me in vaguely-punctuated quasi-English is going to get me to change my mind? I have met very few people in the LFG channel with that kind of rhetorical prowess.

BearKat said...

I had a guy just last week tell me that my English was written too well; "u evn got the commas" -- as though everyone who plays MUST be an asshat. He was trying to argue some b.s. issue, got intelligently pwned (verbally, of course) and then the ignore sticker was slapped on. It's just difficult to deal with sub-intelligent life.

Merlot said...

I hate getting spammed with group invites. If they don't ask first, and they ignore my first decline, it's an automatic ignore.

Any anyone who links dirge. Do you have that plague on your server too?

Anonymous said...

I think you got all the main ones. Has anyone done a post on the best WAY to ignore someone? My current favourite is to whisper "Welcome to my ignore list" before pressing that lovely button Blizz gave us....

Kestrel said...

Great list; wish I could add something, but you definitely nailed it.

Probably the one that gets me going the fastest is stupid /trade chat. Not being Horde, I don't have Barrens to worry about, and I /leave General within 10 seconds of creating a character. But trade...WHY don't they just confine all the stupid stuff to General??

typhoonandrew said...

Ask me for: gold, charter sign, trash talk, summon, DM run are my weekly fav hates.

Also take considerable hate to guild-mates and PuGers who won't adapt or switch roles during a run. If we need some extra heals the off-spec healers should pop a heal to keep us rolling along. I know its a pain (pally-tank talking here), but it saves on the wipes. Hell, if I could heal on my warlock I would do that too.

Lastly get on Vent, or get out of my run.