Friday, May 30, 2008

Prin Does PvP - Part 2

Arathi Basin. My second attempt at dominating the PvP playing field. Let's see how it goes!

Okay, I've got my Psychic Scream hotkeyed to the Z key (I switched it with Fear Ward on my toolbar for the excursion). I'm all buffed, mounted, ready to rock.

Oh yeah, what's the objective, again? Flags? No, no, it's bases in AB! Yeah, that's right. There are five: the Farm, Lumbermill, Mine, Stables, and Blacksmith. The way the map is set up, the Farm is closest to our base, while the Stables are furthest. There are some great strategy tips here.

I no sooner join the Battlegroup (already in progress) than I see this:

Well, I think, that was easy.

Then a Horde player posts what looks to be a reasonable strategy - we already hold 4 bases, let's go for the fifth! Apparently they call that a "five-cap" and it's really good.

I rush the Stables, right into the chaos of fighting at the banner. I start dotting up everyone I can target, until a rogue notices me - BOOM, I fear off the lot of them. By now, other players have been inspired by my bravery and dedication to teamwork and have joined me in the fray. They jump in and finish off the Alliance players I've feared, clearing our way. Well, most of our way. Seems they've neglected to take care of the rogue who is Backstabbing me mercilessly.

Ah well, it's part of war, right? Sure it is. Anyway, doesn't matter. After only 14 minutes of battle, the Horde dominated and Prin walked away with 587 honor (it was also the daily!) and 3x Arathi Basin Mark of Honor. A pretty solid showing by our favorite Shadow Priestess, if I do say so myself.
So, tell me guys, which is your favorite BG? And how do you like to play? I'm a fan of defense & dirty tricks, so far.


Anonymous said...

Run-in-and-Scream is a great strategy.

In AB specifically, stand at LM between the flag and the edge of the cliff. Use Mind Vision to hop around and call out Ally movement and numbers. When they get close enough, bubble, MC, and jump them off the cliff. If there are too many, jump and then Levitate your way to freedom. A similar strategy can be used for AV at the bridge, although MV is much less useful in AV.

I'd love to be able to pull an MC off at EotS, but it would take some serious baiting to get someone close enough to the edge so that you could do it before they pop their trinket. Mostly EotS is running around and DOTing everything you see, occasionally nuking down someone who isn't paying attention to you.

WSG? Between bubbles and renews, we're very good support for flag runners, and make pretty decent runners, ourselves. The MV trick works out well here, too, but with less impact as there aren't nearly as many places to go. Same for MC -- there's just nothing interesting to do with it. For whatever reason, I generally fall back to healing in WSG.

eustashius said...

I really like EoTS. If the group does it right two flag carriers can cycle the flag to a tower each time to spawns. Hunter with aspect of the cheetah and a feral druid (me) in travel from running back and forth makes that BG great.
BTW, loving the blog :-)

T-Sonn said...

Muahahahaha... thanks, guys! Buddy, I'm totally going to submit to another AB run just to try your strat.