Friday, July 11, 2008

Ask Prin 7/11/08

"Dear Prin - When should I be using my Shadowfiend? Is he really worth the trouble?" ~Confused and Petless

Covered in today's blog post, but for the record:
- As soon as you're down ~3k mana, and as often as the CD allows - except when threat management is a problem. Healers and dps'ers alike benefit from this ability - Use it!!

"Dear Prin - What makes you think you know enough to answer other people's questions and solve their problems?" ~Unexplainably Combative Person

Well - I'm a mom, for one thing. That's basically one of the definitions. Besides, it's not like I'm offering to read minds or cure cancer - I'm not even trying to give Shadow Priest-specific raiding advice.

"Dear Prin - I think my husband is having an affair in RL - what should I do?" ~Worried in RL

Ask yourself, is he acting suspiciously? Repeatedly coming home late, unwilling to explain where he was, hiding the credit card bills, wearing his boxers inside-out? If not, why don't you trust him? Maybe it's your own insecurity, eh?

If you're convinced but have no proof, try letting him catch you staring at him with a pondering look on your face, as if you're right on the verge of calling him out - but holding back. If you're right, this will totally kill him and he'll decide you're on to him, then will either admit it or start picking unrelated fights to justify his behavior. If you're wrong, however, beware - he may think it means YOU have a dirty little secret.

If all else fails, it's time to ask yourself the most important question. No, not "is this giving me more time to raid?" It's, "am I willing to call him out, and live with the answer either way - or leave?" Until you can say yes to that, best to just keep your eyes open.

So - thanks for the questions, all. Keep 'em coming. Related note - if you wish to be identified, please say so - simply neglecting to opt out isn't enough for me to give your screenname. : )

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