Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Horde to the Core

I'm for the Horde. You all know that. I love the lore, the races, the stories that are woven throughout the Forsaken, Troll / Orc, and Blood Elf starting areas. I know that both factions must have their share of annoying trade-channel-spammers, 12-year-old VChat mouth breathers, and general tools, but the people I play with are all intelligent and fun adults.

That having been said - I've been just frothing at the mouth to experience the Draenei starting area. Perhaps it's because I agree with D on this one - Horde should've gotten the Draenei, Alliance should've gotten the Belfs. Oh - and both classes should have been able to be Druids. I'd love to try a Druid but the cow thing just isn't working for me.

One of our best friends / guildies is an Alliance alum from another server, and back last summer I made a little Draenei priest over there - I named her Nahtanelf. Of course, if I ever get back to leveling her, it'll be as Shadow... but I'm really thinking about pugging through some instances with her healing. I'm sure it'll be a trip, and kind of nice to see how the "other half" lives, right?

So the other day, D and I made a couple of Alliance toons.


He wanted to see the human starting area again, so that's what we made. Since he went Priest, I could take either tank or dps... hmm... for humans, that's Warlock or Rogue for me, since I'm really no one's idea of a tank. That's far too much power and control to put into my chubby little hands. That's got a lot to do with why I don't heal much, either... it's not that I CAN'T - it's just that I'm an asshole. I know healers who get all emotional if a minion or pet goes down - I use that as a warning to the owner. See? See how your little kitty just bit it? Back off on your dps, jack, or you're next. Kthxbai.

Where were we? Oh, yeah, humans in Elwynn. So - that made me think about how I'd already broken the seal, and there was a whole new starting area out there, and a do have that similarity / affinity for the Draenei female... So, I figured, wth? I made one. A Hunter, since I'm having so much fun on my Belf Hunter, Hawli. I've got her to level 24, leveling BM, mining, and jewelcrafting. I'm looking forward to having my first elek and I've just been tramping all over the world. For the undecided or easily seduced out there: the Draenei starting area was GORGEOUS. Wow did I love the red tones of Bloodmyst. Maybe I'll see you there.

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Seidhkona said...

Draenei ladies, FTW! I also love the Draenei starting area, especially the quests that lead to gaining the Tabard of the Hand. How cool it that? Nothing like being level 18-20, yet surrounded by cheering people as a Hero of the Hand! That, and running with a ravager early on is nice, if you're a hunter!