Thursday, July 3, 2008

Twisted Nether Blogcast - Episode 6

This episode featured special guest Auzara from the blog Chick GM. Some awesome thoughts on guild leadership, especially for the testosteroneless among us. I know I learned a lot - check them out at Twisted Nether. I downloaded the mp3 and listened to the show while painting the downstairs foyer ceiling this afternoon. In case you haven't noticed, the side bar over there to your right now has a link to the TN Wiki.

Of note is the revelation that this year's Brewfest mounts will be faction-specific. Yup, you got it - no more rams for the Horde. We get kodos. Yay. >.> Yeah, I'm pumped. *eyeroll*

You know what? I don't necessarily want a ram, either. Prin got exalted with Orgrimmar just for the epic wolf mount, and other than that, there's really only one mount I'd be excited for: the Darnassas cat mounts. Yeah, I know, that's borderline blasphemous. But I can't help it. Hawli's got the Frostsaber pet from Winterspring, and oh wouldn't Prin be gorgeous riding on that delicately-purple-striped cat? Yeah, baby, you know it.

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Otta said...

Cajole some hombres into a few ZulGurub runs :P

If the fates want you off that chicken-duster, they'll give you the drop of a lifetime...