Friday, April 3, 2009

The Achievements of Which I'm Most Proud?

Edited to give more complete credit to Sathir of Angry Dwarfs. Apologies to Sathir and to anyone who was misled into believing that the idea was mine. : ( It wasn't clear from my initial publish.

A recent shared topic from Blog Azeroth got me thinking: which of my achievements am I most thrilled about? This one is pretty easy to answer; without a doubt it's

Simply because that led to this little guy:

My first holiday-themed title:

And suckering guildies for months to try new dungeons finally got me this, and the right to craft a Wispcloak!

Last, but not least - I'm proud of this, simply because I was already 80 when I got it - meaning I took my time exploring on my journey through the levels, at least on the first toon to get there. After all, life isn't a destination. : )


Sibyll said...

My answer would nearly be the same - for me it would be my little fawn now but that's like .. the same :-D before it was stinker.

Haha and my first themed titel was merrymake too. Failed in getting the halloween pet :-( But this year, THIS YEAR! ;-)

thedoctor said...

What a great subject. I might just hackzor it and make it into a post, but I will definietly give you credit!


T-Sonn said...

Doc - don't credit me!! Please see the edited post in which I correct the misconception that this idea was mine. My post is only a contribution to the Blog Azeroth shared topic for 3/31/09.