Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Warlock, IRL

Theawakening, from the Mage's Guide to Life, had an awesome Shared Topic idea over at Blog Azeroth. If you could be any class in real life, what would it be - and why?

In my heart, at the very center of my being, lives a Warlock. I mean seriously, do you have any idea how many times in a day I find myself wanting to suck the very soul out of a person's body?

Warlocks are the introverts of Azeroth, totally content to solo their way to end game. Who needs a tank when you have a voidwalker? Who needs a healer when you have Haunt and Drain Life? If I'm low on health, I'll just take yours!

Also, I really dig the idea of minions. To be able to summon them at my will, profit from their servitude, use them to do my bidding, and then to finally sacrifice them for my own power; ah yes, that is my desire. When my own group of imp, succubus, and felhunter just won't suffice, I can always just Enslave some passing demon. With summonable mounts there is no more hunting or paying for a parking spot - ever.

Ever been around someone who just will not shut up? How many times have you wished for a Silence spell while stuck in some boring, hour-long meeting? Use Spell Lock, and problem solved.

There is no denying the attraction of all this power, and therefore we are bound to have a stalker now and then. A simple chain-fear takes care of this issue quite nicely. If he brings friends? Howl.

Finally, if I ever do get lonely, I can create a stone with which to summon my closest friends and companions to me. And when I'm tired of them begging to be close to me - I can use my Unending Breath and summon them far below the surface of the sea. Just for kicks, you understand.


Sibyll said...

AFter this, everybody should know why we play warlocks! Wonderful ideas to use it in real life, hihi! :-)

Destruktor said...

Funny and true I'm sure. I have had similar revelations about my RL class. I am a warrior at heart for the following reasons:

*I work out to manage my eternal rage and keep in shape

*My rage bar constantly fluctuates throughout the day, and it seems the only way to release it is to punch something really hard. Hence having a punching bag in my spare room for rogue/lock arena comps

*I have never been knocked unconcious or broken a bone even though I am reckless and was an avid hockey player

*I don't mind doing the grunt work life brings me