Monday, April 6, 2009

Great starter, sucky finisher

I have a hard time finishing things. At any given time I have 3 or 4 half-written and abandoned blog posts. I've been carrying at least 3 boxes full of books around with me over the last several years; seems that even though I've moved 4 times since 2001, I've never gotten completely unpacked.

Oddly enough, this tendency of mine exhibits itself in my Achievements tab rather well. 'Merrymaker' is the only Seasonal title I hold, simply because all other holiday achievements fall just one or two items short of the goal. I managed to get the 'Chef' title purely by accident; I thought there were at least two or three more requirements to satisfy before it would be mine. Who knew that baking that Delicious Chocolate Cake would do the trick?

Today, instead of working on my dailies or making yet another try for the wand in Heroic Old Kingdom, I think I'll see if I can't actually complete a few achievements.

The Scavenger

I'm two pools short for this: Bloodsail Wreckage and Floating Wreckage. Today is the Crocolisk fishing daily, so I might as well hit a few more zones in Azeroth while I'm doing that.

The Coin Master

I'm one copper and two gold coins away. This might be a good past-time while I'm catching up on my blog casts this afternoon!

Loremaster of Outland

I am only 15 quests short, in Netherstorm, no less. I wonder how long that would take? I got the last four quests I needed in Blade's Edge and it was a total pain. Of course, that's probably because I couldn't find the damn things. Here's to hoping that the quests in the great Purple Yonder are more obvious.


Well, I did find all of the quests I skipped in Netherstorm. Have I ever mentioned how very badly I loathe escort quests? I loathe escort quests. For the longest time, our Guild Message of the Day was "&%^$ the robot chicken - he's on his own." Lucky for me those escort quests are a breeze on a level 80 toon. Of course, that doesn't keep the escortee from dawdling, but at least he's a lot easier to keep out of trouble. I am now the Loremaster of Outland. Go, me.

I also located the two missing pools for the Scavenger achievement. Not so difficult - I fished away several spawns off the coast of Tanaris and the one I needed spawned within a few minutes. The Bloodsail pool was waiting for me as soon as I stepped out of Grom'gol. If only I'd known it would be so easy! This 'finishing things' is cake, y'all.

I'm still working on the coins. The last two gold, Brann Bronzebeard and Lady Katrana, continue to elude me. While looking through the rest of my achievements, it appears that I have a much, much larger problem. You see, I only need to sample 2 more unique foods for "Tastes Like Chicken!" I only need one more book - the Illusion one - for "Higher Learning." That one rewards you with a pet! Must. Have. If I could only Ride the Red Rocket, I could complete the Grizzy Hills PvP quests achievement. If only I took the ride out to Thunder Bluff and turned in my Prisms Deck, I could replace the last piece of gear keeping me from the "Superior" achivement.

It would seem that I have stumbled upon a great secret of Azeroth. Every step one takes leads to another path, and each achievement opens to the door to several more. I shall never be done. And that makes me really happy.


Sibyll said...

Grats to the Loremaster for Outland! I'm so far away from it, it just did the archmage vagoth questchain until i got the staff there, no! x)

But the coins ... oh the reward is such a nice toy, <3 titanium seal of dalaran, ahah.

Syrana said...

Grats on the progress!

A lil' secret about the Superior achievement... if you are just missing one trinket... put your ilevel 187+ into the other slot and it will count.

I found that out on accident when I was re-equipping my trinkets.