Thursday, May 21, 2009

Malarea tries out the new 'Sacrifice' spell; merriment ensues

So, if you haven't heard, Patch 3.1.2 brought a rather shocking change to the familiar old Warlock standby, the Voidwalker. His Sacrifice ability was once saved for the squeamish, looking for an easy way to run from danger. No more - 'Locks everywhere are laughing in the faces of their enemies - for 30 seconds or until they have absorbed ~8k damage, at least. And then they are running.

I really had not paid any attention to specifics behind 3.1.2, and was only directed there this morning by my AzAdv editor on an unrelated matter. Imagine how my little black heart leapt when I saw the Warlock section of the patch notes! My supply of Mage Tears has been running a little low, so this looks like an awesome re-stocking opportunity. I adjourn now to Arathi Basin to try this out.

Attempt #1:
Okay - it appears my bubble isn't strong enough to hold up through 5 attackers at once. I shall be more crafty in the future.

Attempt #2: Hiding in the bushes, I'm able to pick off 2 or three. Until, that is, I screw up and use a Drain. /stupidlock

Attempt #3: I &%$ing hate Rogues.

Attempt #4: I achieve some marginal success. My purply-green bubble isn't made of steel, that's for sure. And it appears that I can still be stunned while wearing it which doesn't seem fair at all. In a one-on-one confrontation, I'm loving it. I think with some practice, and carrying around some Free Action pots, I could just about be a forced to be reckoned with. Sure.

*Definitely do check out the amazing blogs linked above - Mages or not, these are some awesome bloggers who really know their poop.

**Who knows the last time the word "poop" was used here? 50 dkp to the first correct commenter.

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