Friday, April 24, 2009

Why not?

There have been several changes of late that have made me ask, "why wasn't it ALWAYS this way?"

  • Fishing anywhere, regardless of skill
  • Mounts can swim - WOOT!
  • Flight Paths don't go around Wintergrasp anymore
But for everything that Blizzard has fixed and improved, there are still those little annoyances that I could live without. Why, for instance, can I not name my non-combat pets? For that matter, why can't I name my minions? They're always the same minions, yes? I should be able to have a Felguard named Bubbles.

I'd also really love the option to change the color of my gear. I know that a lot of players have voiced this opinion before, so I won't go into the methods by which it could be implemented. I'll just say that there's absolutely NO REASON why I shouldn't be able to be dressed in dark red from head to toe - 24/7.

We've all heard the chatter about how Druids may be getting unique - or at least, different - bear forms. Well, I'm not so concerned about the bear, but I AM pretty ticked that Alliance got the pretty cats. It wasn't enough for Night Elves to get the best racial mounts in the game (followed closely by Orc wolves); oh no, they also get to be panthers while in feral dps form. That - coupled with the fact that I'm really struggling with the idea that I'd be a COW - is what is keeping me from rolling druid. That, and that alone.

Rogues shouldn't have the ability to use maces. There, I said it. I mean, come on, how sneaky is a ginormous club to the head? Exactly - daggers preferably, swords in a pinch, and even fist weapons are rather sketchy options for a stealthy class.

Want to solve the problem of Melee Huntards? Easy - quit letting them equip melee weapons. A hunter should be able to equip a bow or a gun. Close range combat should involve shooting the enemy in the face, stunning them long enough for the hunter to gain range and switch to his bow. Remove the gun and bow options from warriors and rogues, give them thrown weapons only instead, and boom - problem solved.

While I'm complaining about maces... why the hell do priests start with one? They should start with a wand, instead. In fact, that's not a bad idea for mages and warlocks, too. Caster weapons should be wands and staves only; I mean seriously, wouldn't that make a lot more sense? Another change I'd make to caster gear: robes vs vests. I think that Chest gear should have the option of showing up as a robe or just the chest piece. Not all casters like running around in dresses, and I don't just mean the guys.

What small, petty, inconsequential thing would YOU change about the game?


Syrana said...

Well, we finally have instance maps, but I still want a map while I'm in a windy cave.

And here, here, on the naming of minions. How come hunters can name their pets and we can't?

KiwiRed said...

Dwarf Druids and Shamans would make my world complete. I mean, I just can't take Draenei seriously. And night elves? Those awful spindly creatures? They can't even quaff a mug of ale properly...

Bah, humbug.

Kestrel said...

@Syrana: Because demons had those names before you summoned them; you didn't tame them and make them your own. Everyone knows the only way to control a demon is by using its Real Name; call a demon "Bubbles" and you may end up being the controlled, rather than the controller. ;)

Kestrel said...

Oh...and I wanna be a gnome priest! ;)

starfish said...

ok - first, I am 'huntard', and it bothers me that we get mail. just doesnt make sense, should start in cloth and upgrade to leather later.

T-Sonn said...

One I forgot... I really think that Horde should've gotten Draenei, and that Belfs should have gone Alliance. Lore-shredding aside, it just FEELS right.

Also, Draenei and Belfs should have gotten the opportunity to be druids. If Draenei could be warlocks, I'd totally consider switching to Alliance, period.