Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Change in Strategy, Profession-wise

Up til now, Prin has been rocking a Mining / Jewelcrafting profession. Decent money, for the most part, since even beginning-level ores and smelted bars are selling well. Not to mention accepting tips for cutting raw green- & blue-quality gems. Since the beginning she's followed D's gathering / crafting formula for leveling professions without going broke. What's that? Oh, dude, it's so easy - 50% of the gathered materials used to level the crafting profession, 50% sent directly to the bank alt for placement in the AH.

There you go, don't say I never did anything for ya. : )

So she's hit 70, she's got the epic flyer, and she's hurting for gear in a big way. There really isn't anything she needs to be spending money on, as I'm trying to make do with the patterns available for rep. Okay - that's not completely true. You should see me whenever something like this pops up: [2. Trade] WTS [Design: Bright Living Ruby] pst

I'm like - immediately /w the seller, tell him I'm omw with some gold, log out where ever I am, doing whatever I'm doing, jump on Prin, /w the seller again, race half-way across Azeroth because this living wonder decided to take a little side-trip to Desolace while he was waiting for me (his alt needed the 150 Cookbook), and drop the equivalent of 2-3 days worth of dailies on a recipe that will probably net me some gold in the way of tips, definitely if I manage to prospect some Living Rubies.

I'm thinking of dropping the mining to power-level tailoring, strictly for the Frozen Shadoweave set.

I can hear you out there, you know, groaning, "omfg you mean u haven't already?!?11"

No - I haven't. Why? Well, I'm not maxed on JC yet, for one - I'm stuck at 368. Hawli's coming right along and will be in Outlands in just 2 more levels* so I'm going to have another supplier soon. But then I'm afraid Hawli's engineering will suffer if she's feeding two crafting professions. Not to mention that the expansion is coming. So, even though Malarea has the set and I know first-hand how tear-jerkingly delicious it is, I ALSO remember leveling tailoring to GET to it. Oy, vey. (When did I become Jewish? O.o See what the very thought does to me?)

But I digress... the point of this post is that I'm trying to psych myself up to abandon a perfectly good maxed-out Mining skill in favor of the "splinter under the fingernail" pain of power-leveling Shadoweave Tailoring. My one consolation is that Mal's Shadoweave cooldown will also be of use, but I shudder when I think of all the primal-grinding I put into it.


See? *spots random player queueing up for Kara* Hey, you - can I go on follow on you, for say, 3-4 hours? Let me know if something drops I should roll on. Thanks.

*I think a hunter will be much easier to start in Outlands than the Priest - even a shadow priest. Wish me luck with this.

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Ho Ho said...

If you are shadowpriest and are not wearing full FSW (and SS) set your utility for the group would be pretty low. FSW will carry you until BT, not even badge stuff can replace it. I wouldn't think for a second about dropping mining :)