Monday, June 30, 2008

Status - Deer-in-Headlights

Didja ever have a project, a task, that was so huge, so daunting, that you were literally just frozen by it? Unable to move in any direction, even knowing that ANY move would be progress?

Right now, D is aheming loudly, gesturing wildly to our only-partially-remodeled home.

Yeah, that's kinda how I feel about WoW right now. I'm working 5 toons, remember. Just for my own use I thought I'd run through a sort of To-Do list, by character, to help me get focused.

Despairity, 58 UD Frost Mage: Her gear is okay, ready for Outlands, but I really wanted those two extra levels on her before she digs in to Hellfire Penninsula. I did manage to get her cooking up over 280, and it needs to be maxed so that she's not having to come back to Azeroth for cooking. On this one, I should probably head to Winterspring and grind bears for the meat and XP.

Malarea, 70 UD Aff Warlock: Mal is great. She is maxed on fishing, cooking, tailoring, and getting oh so close on Enchanting. She wants that Ahune staff, though, so I really need to be running her through Heroic Slave Pens. Also, with the new 28-slot herb bag coming, I need to be farming the primals and crafting Primal Mooncloth every 4 days.

Rigatoni, 70 BE Rogue: Rigs wants for nothing right about now. Bless her little soul, she's so undemanding. /hugs

Principessa, 70 BE Shadow Priest: Prin's fishing skill sucks, she can only do the Orgrimmar daily. Also, she's lagging behind in SSO rep and only needs 5 more points to max Jewelcrafting. There's also that whole "dropping mining to power-level tailoring" thing - I gotta decide if I'm really gonna do it - and if so, I need to be mass farming ores and cloth in prepartion.

Hawli, 59 BE Hunter: Hawli's got needs, oh lordy lordy. She NEEDS 48 more AV tokens for the Frostwolf mount, she NEEDS 11 more Mining skill points before Outlands, she NEEDS 27 more Engineering skill points to hit 300, as well.

So - now to prioritze... I'll get back to you.

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