Wednesday, June 18, 2008

DING! Level 70

So! I'm home from the hospital, recuperating well, driving D nuts with my inability to NOT clean, bend, reach, stretch, pick stuff up, etc. About all I can do is WoW and Blog, so...

Lucky me, huh?

So yeah, Prin dinged 70. As this is my 3rd to cap, I'm not quite AS excited. It was, however, nice to be able to move directly from her epic land mount to the epic flyer. Having 2 toons able to grind out those dailies is a real padding of the pocket, if you know what i mean. *wink* I went with the purple Windrider since I'm almost always in Shadowform, so he'll be purple anyway, right? No real plans to grind out either the ray or the drake, though. There's just way too much to do for a purely aesthetic change in ride.

So what AM I going to do, now that I've reached that longed-for pinacle? For starters, I'm going to hit up the rep vendors for the blue PvP gear and replace anything I have that's still green. No point in even TRYING to volunteer for heroics in greens, right?

Working up my Shattered Sun rep doing dailies is a great idea. Especially as a jewelcrafter.

Next, I'd like to complete each Outland dungeon at least once. Now that D's bear tank is also 70, we shouldn't have much problem pugging them. Also, we're looking to move a couple of toons back to our old raiding guild just have access to heroics and the occasional raid. That should help. We are still going to complete the PvP series and check out Eye of the Storm, that should be fun. And - you'll love this - I'm trying to talk D into having each of us switch our priest specs for a day. His will go Shadow, while Prin goes Holy. I KNOW! How wacky is that?

The only other news I have, last night Prin tailed along behind D's druid and a couple of our friends to LBRS, trying to get D his UBRS key. Because he wants it, that's why, and that's usually reason enough. : ) It was a slaughterhouse. I barely healed anyone at all, and basically just went on follow, tossing out renews here and there, while relaxing with a cup of coffee. Now THAT, my friends, is healing.


ASH said...

Congratulations on hitting 70 :D

Andrew Breese said...

Grats - another mana battery is always welcome.

T-Sonn said...

Ma-na, ma-na!!