Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Patch 2.4.3 - Unofficial

Haris Pilton is on the cover of Yahoo!'s Entertainment News today. Seems that the mainstream media has been attracted to even the most random of Paris Hilton references; that of an almost-namesake NPC in World of Warcraft. How sad is that? Did nothing blow up today or what?


No matter. Patch 2.4.3 is coming, and that right early. Other than 1200g bags and useless jewelry, what else is in store?

Mounts at level 30, and apprentice training for only 35g. Am I bummed or hyped about that? Neither. I don't have any toons left below 50, and don't expect any more prior to WotLK, either. D, however, DOES have a new little mage coming up in the ranks, and it'll be good to see him get another boost in leveling speed.

We're getting one new non-combat pet (oh boy) and some graphical fixes to the movement of others. There's nothing new out there for Priests except for a small change to Mind Vision and something about healing (tldr, lol).

Warlocks are getting a combined curse for the four magic trees available to mages and 'locks combed: Curse of Elements will apply to Frost, Fire, Shadow, and Arcane magical damage. Woot! You AND the lock are getting good news here, since a mage in the group almost ALWAYS meant only the +Frost and +Fire curse. Our own Malarea can't wait to try this new change out...

I'm also pumped to see some of the profession changes & fixes, like having green gems drop from mining nodes again, and losing the cooldown for regular Mooncloth. One of my guild's upcoming warlocks went without the Robe of Winter's Night, simply because he wasn't in the level range long enough for me to make the damn cloth. Oh yeah, and also because I wasn't planning ahead and underestimated his leveling speed.

The best news, to me, anyway, is the Herb Bag pattern to be available from Sporeggar at Exalted status. I'll be farming rep for Malarea, my tailor, and presumably making bags for all the herbalists currently in the guild - I know of at least 3, right off hand.

Lots of other minor fixes and changes are in store, and I guess the best thing I can say about 2.4.3 is that, so far, at least, I haven't seen anything distressing. Check it out for yourself at WoW Insider, and tell me what YOU'RE looking forward to.

Enquiring minds want to know.

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Anonymous said...

"since a mage in the group almost ALWAYS meant only the +Frost and +Fire curse"

We are in TBC man, mages are here for AI and tables, noone cares of buffing their nerfed DPS over the locks...