Friday, June 20, 2008

Prin Does PvP - Part 4 (Eye of the Storm)

First foray into this battleground was an eye-opener. BGs at level 70 are a whole new ball game, my friends! My gear - while not bad for a 69, was horrific for a 70. As I rode out of the starting gate, I began making mistakes, one after another.

  • I missed the first jump, which means I rode into battle with less than half my health.
  • I was sapped by an Alliance rogue while trying to decide which tower to help take.
  • I became flustered and confused, watching my health drop dramatically.
  • My Psychic Scream was resisted.
  • I committed suicide by hitting SW:D instead of SW:P.

Sigh. We were slaughtered, receiving exactly zero points for the 3 minute battle. I also received 21 honor and one EotS Mark of Honor.

Let's try this again, shall we?

Much, much better. I'm remembering to fear, remembering to follow flag-carriers while shielding and dispelling. We managed to take and hold 3 of the bases for most of the battle, ignoring the flag for the most part, and took this one 2000 to 744. After 16 minutes of battle, I'm awarded 253 honor and 3 Marks. Not too shabby!

All in all, I'm still not a fan of PvP and I don't think I ever will be. I'm simply not of the right personality for it. It's not that I'm not competitive... it's that I'm the world's most horrible sport, that kid to whom you used to throw Hungry Hungry Hippo games in order to avoid the subsequent tantrum. I'm having a blast if we're winning, and if I'm being ignored by the opposition. Oh yes, I'm cackling madly, trash-talking my butt off, throwing out insults like confetti. But as soon as the tables turn... so do I - into a chessboard-throwing monster.

It's not pretty.

That having been said, I think it's best for everyone if Prin hangs up her PvP hat. I've got plenty of honor for the trinket, and I think I ought to be satisfied with that. Before anyone really gets hurt. Don't you?

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Mitch said...

Let me say I love PvPing with my feral druid.

Let me follow that by saying I hate PvPing with my spriest. Haha. I just dinged 70 over the weekend and I'm trying to save up honor for the merc weapon and guardian neck piece and I'm not having fun doing it. Since I don't have a trinket a rogue tears me apart limb from limb. I'm not spec'ed to silence so a pure dps caster will blow me up. I can do ok against other poorly geared melee, but that's about it.

I just tab-SW:Pain anymore, lol.