Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'll be staying right here, thanks.

I'm totally pumped for the expansion. D and I are of slightly different minds concerning original WoW and BC. He's a dyed-in-the-wool fan of the old world, the old instances, more difficult quests, no sparkly objectives with flashing neon lights exclaiming "Click HERE, Noob!" and the sense of accomplishment all of the above brings.

I'm a big fan of being 70. There, I said it. I like leveling, I love instancing and questing, but there's a lot to be said for BC instance design over Azeroth instance design. Yes, Stratholme is eerie. Yes, Maraudon is amazing, and Dire Maul is a blast, and Shadowfang Keep remains my absolute favorite old-world dungeon. But as I was complaining last night, there ought to be a limit to the number of toons one must drag through Jaedenar.

So what's my deal? I like doing Kara. I don't necessarily want to do it for 6 freaking hours. I like doing heroics, if I can find a Pug who knows what they're doing. (BIG if.) I enjoyed experiencing Magister's Terrace, but it took me four groups to finally get all the way to the end boss. (Thank you, mage, for passing the epic gloves to me! /hugs)

I'm thinking a nice shiny new Death Knight and a new group of zones might be just the ticket. I certainly have no interest in Age of Conan, at least not immediately. One of our best friends and guildy "took one for the team" and test-drove it. Her most lasting impression? Twelve-year-old mouth-breathers exclaiming, "ZOMG, bewbies!" So, yeah, WoW is going to be able to keep its claws in me awhile longer, I believe.

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