Thursday, January 1, 2009

Expect Changes

That's my lesson for 2009, I think. Always expect changes. With all the new goodies and toys that came with Wrath and the big content patch, much of Prin's gameplay and mechanics is substantially different than the early posts here.

The upshot is that I think some new posts are in order here. Playing a Shadow Priest is likely a whole new experience.

Talent Builds
Healing as Shadow
Mana Management
Aggro Management

That's not even taking into account the rest of my toons. Malarea has reasserted her position as my "Main." She's been the first to make her way into Northrend and has finally dinged 78. I plan for my DK to learn how to tank, but right now she's still wading through Outlands at level 66. Two more levels, that's her mantra.

Big change: look for more about other classes, achievements, and old-world content revisited - or just plain "visited," for most of it, actually. Mal dinged 60 the night before BC released, so she never got to experience the original raid content at all.

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