Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Requesting A Favor From Healing Shaman

Conversation from last night:
D:  So, how do I know whether or not I can heal a heroic?
Me:  You can heal a heroic.
D:  But how do I know I'm ready?  I just dinged 80.
Me:  When you're ready, you know it.
D:  Okay, where can I find out what minimum stats I need to be able to pull it off?
Me:  Why not just jump in there and find out? 
I'm not normally obtuse or intentionally un-helpful... the above responses from me translate loosely into:  I have no clue.  And I'm surprised that I have no clue.  So, while I eventually told D to start with Matticus (knowing that he'd see the link to Plus Heal and jump on it), I'd still like to know for myself.  The mechanics have changed so much with Wrath, and I've never been a serious healer on my Priest.  So, who's got some advice for healing 80 heroics on a Shaman?  Specific talents to pick up, mechanics to perfect, preferred minimum stats...  Lay it on me. 


Priestgiblet said...

I started healing heroics as a Disc priest with the following 1325sp, 17k mana, 14k health, and about 200 mana. It wasn't very easy but I managed to do the first boss of UK and got one boss in on VH. These are considered "easier" heroics but oddly enough later that night I completed Gun'drak with the same stats.

Totemus said...

I started healing heroics on my resto shaman with about 1450 buffed (earthliving) healing, around 200 or so MP5, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 14k mana. It really depends on the tank, especially in terms of finding a defense-capped one. I do not run into any real issues unless I just go wild spamming LHW or CH, and in those cases there is always a mana pot or mana tide to save the day. I am using a 0/14/57 build. Even in 5-mans when you have pets or a melee-heavy group, I found the chain heal glyph (4 targets) to be helpful, as well as the water shield glyphs to add a globe and increase the regen to both be useful. I have not yet tried the lesser healing wave glyph, but it would only be useful on the tank. For the heroics, regulars, and the occasional PvP battleground I do, I have found the Healing Wave glyph (heals me for 20% of the total) to be very useful when there is splash and I need to stay standing. My best advice is to just get in there and try some. I was very skeptical myself, having not healed a great deal in heroics at 70, but with decent blue 78-80 gear and as many inexpensive enchants as I could grab--I am not going to break the bank for pre-heroic gear--I am very well-suited in most cases for heroic healing from what I have found. Give it a shot!

T-Sonn said...

Thanks so much, Totemus!! I'm forwarding your comments to D now.