Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Interview With The Death Knight

Good morning, everyone! I'm your hostess, Principessa. Welcome to The Blog!
We have a new member on our team. Tehrawreyes is a level 71 Death Knight who loves kittens - in a nice peanut sauce - slow walks along the beach, and the sound of steel connecting with solid flesh. Give her a warm welcome!

Tehrawreyes: Thanks, Prin, nice to be here.
P: So, Tehrawr, it looks like your most recent position was as a minion to Arthas. Isn't he the Lich King?
T: Yeah. He did give me a good reference, didn't he? He said he would.
P: I'm sorry, I wouldn't know... Anyway, what brings you to Team T-Sonn?
T: The benefits mainly. I hear you have good dental.
P: Uh huh. Hey, is it cold in here to you?
T: You kidding? I started out in a grave. Honey, that's cold.
P: No, seriously, I feel a draft.
T: Oh that. That's my Icy Touch. /grin
P: Bit uncomfortable, eh?
T: Nah. Not having shoes, now that's uncomfortable.
P: You're one of those, aren't you?
T: One of what?
P: One of those people who always has to "one-up" other people. You know, the kind of person who constantly posts a damage meter in party chat.
T: /Plague Strike
T: Want the good news? You can cure that while in Shadowform, now.

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