Friday, January 9, 2009

Love What You Do

I was enjoying a lovely 'Shroom & Swiss (my favorite) for lunch today while perusing my Google Reader... thank god for that puppy, since anything "game-related" is filtered out at my current temp assignment. Mmm... 'shroom & swiss....
What was my point?

OH! Yes, I was reading a couple of entries from Kestrel and happened upon his "Tailor's Tale." I have to respectfully disagree.

Mal is - and has been since birth - a tailor. She loves it. LOVES it. It's not the easiest or most cost-efficient crafting profession, by any means, but it's done very well by her and her sisters and guild-mates. Having just dinged 80 (last night! Whooo Hoooo!) she's rocking several crafted pieces and many of those replaced PREVIOUS crafted pieces as well.

Used to be that you picked a crafting profession that would pay the rent. Then the common theory became choosing a profession for the BoP epics available. And while those are still both true for some skills, Tailoring isn't one of them.

I say, pick the crafting profession that you're going to LIKE doing, that's going to make your heart beat a little faster, that's going to put a skip in your step on the way back to the trainer for more recipes. I mean, who wouldn't love seeing "You have created [Hat of Wintry Doom]" pop up in your chat log? Eh? EHH??? Sign me up!

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Kestrel said...

Ahh...but context is key! Osprey is a Holy Priest. So far, not one single piece of crafted Frostweave armor is suitable for him. And therein lies the rub.

Were Osprey a face-melter of any stripe--'lock, SPriest, mage--then unquestionably, Tailoring makes a lot of sense, especially pre-80.

*sigh* But where's my spellpower/Int/Spirit gear? Hit? no thanks. Crit? Umm...not really. Spell Pen? You're joking, right?

Hat of Wintry Doom is nice...but...Osprey has better already.