Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Am Ashamed

You know that feeling you get when you've neglected a responsibility for far too long, only to have said neglect just CRAMMED AND RUBBED into your face, briskly and with great malice, without regard for whatever might have been keeping you from that responsibility?

I'm back to work; yes, it's only a temp job, but it IS a long way away and I'm spending an additional 2 hours on the road in commute. Wrath has been out for a month and a half and I had 4 level 70s and a 60ish mage, for god's sake. That's a LOT of toons to choose from just to pick who's gonna level first.

The holidays. That's a lot of work and time and stress, too. I've had cooking, baking, traveling, shopping, lots of stuff. In the words of someone whom I dearly love, I can't be all things to all people!

So what brought on this attack of guilt? I went to take the dog outside last night, after I got home from work. Bent down to attach the leash to her collar. Noticed a dust bunny the size of freaking Colorado under the bench in the foyer. I am indeed ashamed. Here's my pledge to do better.

Oh - and I also need to get back to posting. Sorry I've been gone so long!

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