Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's a Little Arcane Damage Between Friends?

Followers of this blog will know that neither D nor I are all that interested in raiding or end-game content. Not, at least, while it actually IS end-game. Once the game has extended beyond that content, well then, sure! It's up for grabs.

For instance, we've recently been putting a handlin' on such WoW-Classic favorites as Molten Core, Onyxia, and Zul'Gurub. I'm also looking forward to a foray into Ahn'Qiraj, which I believe we have planned for our next "guild fieldtrip." Of course, it's easy for us, considering that our guild consists only our group of RL friends. There are still some members who haven't had the pleassure of meeting others, but not many. The important thing is that we're all pretty like-minded in that the game consistently calls to us on a different level than your "typical" MMO'er.

These types of runs contribute to the achievements, too, which continue to be a source of great fun for us. It's just hilarious to hear one of us say, "go ahead and pull - I need to run over here and love on this cow real quick." D managed to hit 450 fishing in his quest for Old Crafty - BEFORE getting the stupid fish. Oddly enough, a catch in Stormwind and Old Ironjaw both happened pretty easily for him.

But of course, it hasn't all been fish and games... we've also put some time into acquiring keys. Most recent has been the Arcatraz. You know, that level 70 dungeon in Tempest Keep. Netherstorm? Outlands? Oh, come on, you remember it!

So yeah, we're off now to go wreak some havoc - nay, some death, doom, and destruction - upon Hybringer Skyriss. Wish us luck! I'm sure we'll all come out of it feeling a real sense of achievement.

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